What does a Muslim Pussy look like?


Hibryd said...

Ha ha! I get it! Because Muslims are suicide bombers!

(whisper whisper) What's that, Reality? (whisper whisper) What? Suicide bombing was popularized by the Tamil Tigers, a non-religious separatist group? (whisper whisper) Really? There's a billion Muslims on the planet, mostly living in peaceful countries? (whisper whisper) And our close ally India has the second largest Muslim population of any country in the world? Well, who has the largest? (whisper) Indonesia! But we can't make jokes about turban-wearing camel jockeys in Indonesia!

Oh, Reality, why do you have to keep ruining my Muslim jokes?

(By the way, this is particularly bad considering what Iran is going through right now.)

Anonymous said...

Cute kittie, crapulously bad joke.

Wingtarded idiots remain wingtarded.

Nothing to see here, move along now.

Anonymous said...

This is a superior cat image because it lacks misspelled Impact text.

Snarla said...

I like a picture of a furry animal dressed up like a person as much as anybody does, but...what Hibryd said.

dave said...

This was another one I wrestled with posting. Sometimes the ignorance is so overwhelming I wonder if I perform a public service by posting such things, and the disclaimer doesn't make me feel any better about it.

Generally, I think informing people who live in the real world about these FWD:s is a valuable public service, in addition to entertainment. It is important to know what kind of hate and ignorance lurk out there ... "Know yourself but know your enemy better."


Hibryd said...

Dave - I understand where you're coming from, but I personally thank you for posting this crap.

It IS important because emails like this are an example of what a huge swath of the population *thinks* but will only say when they think they're talking to a sympathetic ear. It's also important because if we know what talking points are circulating out there, we know what kind of research to conduct so that if we ever get exposed to them in person, we're armed and ready with those "fact" thingies.

So it may hurt to do it, but you're doing the rest of us a valuable service.

Anonymous said...

Yes: continue to post these offensive things (I am saying this very sincerely). It is informative. We need to know, and you really don't get the "full effect" unless you actually see it.

We do not "blame" you, Dave. Carry on!

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