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"The problem with socialism is that you
Eventually run out of other people's money."
......Margaret Thatcher


Anonymous said...

well I give it 1 cent for actually being somewhat amusing. the photo is funny.

I heard/read somewhere recently that someone rightwing pundit/pol has stated that the GOP needs to stop using the term "socialism" bc it doesn't have the desired negative impact that they are seeking. Not enough Americans are a-skeeeeered of it (other than the 21% who will buy this crap no matter how stupid or ridiculous it is).

so this same person has suggested that the term "facism" be used, instead.

so just to be clear: they are deliberately choosing to fling out terms that have no basis in fact or reality. It's just a means of "scaring" people into hating on BHO & his admin.

On one level, it's "nice" that they are becoming so transparent. No big surprise. Almost nothing they've done for the past decade and half has had anything to do w/reality other than the reality of stealing as much money for themselves and their already obscenely wealthy pals.

The end.

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