FW: Drug problem

Curator's note: The following RW FWD: has appeared in the archive before, not in this "letter to the editor" format.

Sent: Thursday, June 11, 2009 3:33 PM
Subject: Fw: Drug problem

Sometimes being "drugged" is a good thing. Read on.

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Subject: Fw: Drug problem


Anonymous said...

Reading that drek makes me want to do drugs.

It's not like my Dr can write me a prescription for Methaqualudes to get me through the day.

Anonymous said...

People with no grammar skills are funny.

Or, what's that other word? Oh yes - stupid.

Anonymous said...

Well, half point bc at least this forward is not: a) racist, b) sexist, and c) masquerading as the "funniest thing ever."

Yeah, I've seen something like this before. And half a point, as well, bc it is: a) semi-well written, b)is logical, and c)doesn't just rant & rave.

So, I guess that's 1 point for this one. But perhaps then minus ONE point for lying and saying that it was a letter to the editor.

As one poster said in the comments to another RWF, do wingtards ever NOT lie? It's beginning to look like the answer is: NO.

also, they turn everything into some kind of self-righteous, ersatz moralizing sermon. Oh I am so great bc my mammy & pappy whupped the shit outta me, and I had to cut the grass or something.

Oh well. Ho hum. This one, at least, isn't mega-offensive.

Anonymous said...

Well, in defense of the 1 "point" you gave it and then took away, its not a letter to the editor, but it is in the letter to the editor section of the paper, which I'll call close enough.

Now, as a good liberal, my rant would go "See, in my day, people would write letters to the editor to express their concerns rather that plastering their rantings on the Internet.

Marc with a C said...

tl;dr version: spare the rod, spoil the child.


Celia said...

If parents would only have the gumption to abuse their children properly, like they did in the old days, the world (which is forever being recreated by each new generation, so the generation of the person who wrote this must have something to do with the world's current state) would be a much better place, somehow. Also, nobody was a drug addict back then, true story.

Anonymous said...

Like no one over a certain age ever got addicted to drugs bc their parents/elders abused them enough. But then again, I guess these fine, upstanding republictards don't count being an alcoholic in the same category as being a "drug addict."

And anyway, what about those fine, upstanding, but drug addicted, wingtards, like, oh, lemme see, el-Rusbo the obscene??? Seems like he has himself a lil ole Oxy addiction, otherwise known as Redneck Heroin.

Oh, yeah, forgot: the "rules" don't apply to Lush Rimjob, Boss of the Repuglicant Part. Sorry, my mistake...

gruaud said...

As rightwing forwards go, pretty innocuous.

However, I await the next misogynous, racist, homophobic, holier-than-thou, liberals are evil
screed any minute now.

Anonymous said...

To gruaud said: yes, and you can even hold your breath bc it won't be long in coming!

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