FW: Right Wing Extremists

Subject: Right Wing Extremists
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 08:18:10 -0400
You will love the info at this link below.

Before reading- I just need to clarify something. I once had a friend explain that hate was found both on the far left and the far right. I asked where was hate on the far right. This friend, used the white supremecy groups as an example of the far right.

Since when? I would never consider neo-nazis to be conservative. They are certainly extremists- but they have nothing to do with "right wing," or conservatism. Folks like Timothy McVey and the dude who hid in the woods for months after bombing abortin clinics and gay bars are STRONGLY SHUNNED by conservatives. We conservatives support fully that these people, and those like them, get the strongest justice possible.

If you read the part at the link below from page 2 you will see that those who support State Authority over Federal Authority are actually profiled as right wing extremists by the DHS. So those who have read and support our US Constitution, one of our founding documents and the LAW OF THE LAND are now targeted by our own government.

Racism is hate, hate is hate. Conservatism is nothing but pure love. Love of Country, Love of Life and Liberty. There is nothing more loving than wanting everyone to be filled with self reliance and self dignity, with freedom and liberty. Taking freedom and liberty is born of hate and disdain for your fellow man.

Please read the link below:


Will see you all at the Tea Parties!


Anonymous said...

Pssst, hey: I got a bridge over the SF Bay to sell ya!

Pull the other one, wingtard.

But see: this is how they manipulate and brainwash these folks.

Oh yeah: they just shun Tim McVey and surround themselves in pure, pure, pure LILY WHITE "love."

My b.s.-o-meter is ringing off the charts, but this is a very good RWF to see. THIS is how's done.

And then I could go on for pages, but let's just recall how (for one tiny example) much "love" Bill O'Rielly was "spreading around" when he ranted and raved about "Tiller the baby killer," and called Dr. Tiller an executioner, a facist and worse.

And Dr. Tiller was shot twice before he was killed, plus his clinic was bombed and so forth. And these self-same folks stood by self-righteously saying - ever so "lovingly" that Dr. Tiller got what he "deserved."

Dr. Tiller had barely breathed out his last breath, and these self-righteous jerks were shrieking a couple of things all over the Intertubes: 1) that they were GLAD he was dead bc now Dr. Tiller had to face Jeebus and atone for his "sins," and 2) that Dr. Tiller "deserved" being killed, and 3) oh poor, poor, poor victimized wingtards will now be "blamed" by the eeevul villianous leftards for Dr. Tiller's death and boo hoo for our side, it's all so un-fay-air...

BARF! But 'nuff said. Behold how they brainwash... a VERY GOOD example of how they JUSTIFY their execrable behavior and actions and wrap it up in "goodness & light."

thanks, Dave.

Colleen said...

That is the first time I've ever heard conservatism described as "pure love." I thought conservatives all wrote off love as a touchy-feely liberal thing.

CMcD said...

"Conservativism is nothing but pure love." Yeah, right.

Marc with a C said...

They "shun" people like Eric Rudolph and Roeder, but at the same time seem oddly sympathetic and supportive of their goals.

That in and of itself does not a terrorist make but lets see here.

Conservatives: Opposed to abortion.

Eric Rudolph: Blows up an abortion clinic.

Conservatives: Feel the federal government is oppressive.

Tim McVeigh: Blows up a federal building.

There's inherently conservative about hating on the brown and black folk, but let's just say it certainly hasn't hurt them in the elections, until recently (see also: Southern Strategy, Affirmative Action).

So here's my question. Who are the violent Left Wing extremists?

Anonymous said...

I am so freaking confused. I honestly don't know whether to laugh or be horrified at this email.

Anonymous said...

You might be able to call ELF violent left-wing extremist. I know plenty of left-wing people who sort of vaguely (or with money) support PETA, who support ELF. But yeah, big straight lines like from O'Rielly to his millions of viewers just aren't there.

Anonymous said...

Neo-nazis have everything to do with conservatism.

When you attempt to paint liberals as commies or Marxists, expect to get a paintbrush slapped right back in your hypocritical face.

We have to drag you reactionaries kicking and screaming into the light. Workers rights, women's rights, rights for minorities, rights for gays, rights for children, for god's sake! You oppose any and everything that people should take for granted. You always have, because that is the true nature of conservatism.

Also, 'state authority' is dog-whistle for Dixie. You fool no one.

Marc with a C said...

Yeah, ELF and ALF. Although neither has ever killed anybody.

Anonymous said...

I understand how states' rights would have been important when it took days for news to travel from one end of the country to the other, but I really don't get it anymore. States elect representatives with that state's interests in mind to the federal legislative body...

I really don't see the point in having different laws for some things from state to state. Like age of majority. It's 21 in some states. That's ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

I love this mad scramble to deny that anti-abotion fanatics and racist assassins are "right wing". They have once agin gotten their marching orders from Fatty McLimbaugh and they are going ahead, regardless of how nonsensical it may be. If he says they're not right wing, then dammit they must not be right wing.

And, in many ways you can't blame them. After all, if they say it long enough and often enough and loud enough, people will start to believe it. They have learned that lesson repeatedly - they start off by preaching to the choir and then the choir takes up the song and spreads it around. That is how they managed to redefine words like "liberal", "socialism", and "feminism" and convince people that this is a "center right" country all while managing to effectively redefine the "center".

Anonymous said...

Agree w/all prior posts, esp the last one. That IS how it's done.

Just to answer one (somewhat rhetorical) question: who on the left is violent and acts in extreme ways? Well, yes, PETA and GreenPeace have done some damage in their time, although I'm not sure that they've killed anyone (just damaged property). So, there's that, even though not all democrats support those approaches or even those causes.

But when Dr. Tiller was killed, I heard OFTEN on the so-called "mainstream" media that there is "all this left wing violence, too." It's almost like, bc nearly all of the violence in this country for the past 35+ years has been ALL rightwing inspired, the media has to "balance" that by somehow being "fair" and calling out left wing violence.

But what examples did I hear quoted: uh, lessee: 1) Lee Harvey Oswald, and 2) Ted Kazinski (misspelled, but the Unabomber), and of course 3) Bill Ayers. And some also pointed to the ever-popular Symbionese Liberation Army (of Patti Hearst fame).

Well: number one, all of these happened over 30 years ago with the exception of the Unabomber, which was in 1981.

The left NEVER had any association w/the Unabomber or Lee Harvey Oswald, nor was the left ever engaging in some kind of foaming at the mouth ranting tirades the occur DAILY all over the teevee and radio, like the right does. I mean, really: why would the left "encourage" Lee Harvey Oswald to assassinate a Democratic Pres? Sheesh.

Bill Ayers: well, ok. Sure. But that was over 30 years ago; he was busted; he is now a productive tax payer. Get over it.

The Unabomber was a dude with apparently severe mental illness issues; he was a complete loner who lived far away from society in the woods; he really didn't associate w/the left; and again, the left was in no way ranting and tirading the way the right does.

So, please!!! Spare me the b.s. about how the left is somehow EXACTLY as culpable as the right.

Fatso El-Rusbo was immediately on the radio explaining to his brainwashed ditto-heads how to "believe" that the left did exactly the same stuff, and how the right was in no way culpable for Dr. Tiller's death. He also very, very slowly (literally) and carefully attempted to explain to them why Roeder could be seen as left-inspired (srsly, it was digusting and chilling).

I saw it on Keith Olbermann; it made me nauseaous, but his dittoheads lap it up so that they don't have to feel shame, guilt or take any responsibility.

This is good stuff to be aware of, unpleasant as it is.

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