FW: Tune from 1911 that just came of age

A little ditty about the prez's date with his wife.

To the tune of Darktown strutters ball.

I'll be down to get you in Air Force one honey;

Better be ready by half past eight;

Gosh, honey don't be late, wanna get there when the band starts playing.

Oh, and keep it under your hat. Don't want the Green people to hear about the million dollar expenditure and the 15,000 gallons of fuel we're gonna burn.

Awe, what the heck, damn the CO2. Full speed ahead!!


AStanhope said...

I appreciate the struggle for coherence that some of the writers of these emails have to overcome when producing them. It must be like completing a paint-by-numbers project in the dark.

Anonymous said...

Dull & stupid.

Again: where were these people when W was taking like a 2 or 3 month vacation every year at taxpayer expense?? NOW they wish to point & mock? Sheesh.

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