Like him, love him, or hate him, this one says a lot!!

Only he could get away with this ....

Hello, dummies!  Oh my God, look at you.  Anyone else hurt in the accident?

Seriously, Senator Reid has a face of a Saint - A Saint Bernard. Now I know why they call you the arithmetic man.  You add partisanship, subtract pleasure, divide attention, and multiply ignorance. Reid is so physically unimposing, he makes Pee Wee Herman look like Mr. T.  And Reid's so dumb, he makes Speaker Pelosi look like an intellectual.   Nevada is soooo screwed!  If I were less polite, I'd say Reid makes Kevin Federline look successful.

Speaking of the Speaker ... Nancy Pelosi, hubba, hubba!  Hey baby, you must've been something before electricity.
Seriously, the Speaker may look like an idiot and talks like an idiot but don't let that fool you.  She really is an idiot.

Charlie Rangel 
... still alive and still robbing the taxpayers blind.  What does that make, six decades of theft?
Rangel's the only man with a rent-controlled mansion. He's the guy who writes our tax laws but forgot to pay taxes on $75 grand in rental income! So why isn't he the Treasury Secretary? Rangel runs more scams than a Nigerian Banker.

Barney Frank
 ... he's a better actor than Fred Flintstone.  Consider that he and Dodd caused the whole financial meltdown, and they're not only not serving time with Bubba and Rodney, they're still heading up the financial system!
Let's all admit it ...  Barney Frank slobbers more than a sheepdog on Novocain.. How did this guy get elected?  Oh, that's right ...  he's from Massachusetts . That's the state that elects Mr.  Charisma, John Kerry -- man of the people!

You know, if Senator Dodd were any more crooked, you could open wine bottles with him.
Here's a news flash, Dodd: when your local newspaper calls you a "lying weasel," it may be time to retire.
Dodd's involved in more shady deals than the Clintons . Even Rangel looks up to him!

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, I really respect you ...  especially given your upbringing ~ All you've overcome.  I heard your birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory.  I don't know what makes you so dumb, but it really works for you.  Personally, I don't think you're a fool, but what's my opinion compared to that of thousands of others?

As for President Obama, what can I say?  They say President Obama's arrogant and aloof, but I don't agree.
Now it's true when you enter the room, you have to kiss his ring.  I don't mind, but he has it in his back pocket.
His mind is open to new ideas -- so open that ideas simply pass through it.  Obama lies so much, I was actually surprised to find out his first name really was Barack.
Just don't ask about his middle name!  But Obama was able to set a record ...  he actually lied more in 60 days than  Bill Clinton.

President Obama just completed the UNHOLY and ANTI-AMERICAN TRIFECTA:

1st president in 110 years to miss the annual Army-Navy Football Game.
1st president to not attend any Christmas religious observance.
1st president to stay on vacation after a terrorist attack.



Anonymous said...

Not by the real Don Rickles (I assume we're supposed to know that)

The end is from here, another three fake trivia points.

The only "funny" part of this is how little actual criticism there is. Really, guys? The best you can do is, "You're ugly"?

gruaud_larose said...

Centrists and independents:

You know better than this; for the love of god, I
know you do!

I don't care about the Evil vote. I care about the
Good vote. That's you. If you have any doubts
and care to debate or just chat, post here.

I'll be here for you.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I read these extremely petty complaints--he missed a football game! I also think is that all they've got? Some imaginary faux pas? Bad manners, really? And the sad thing they even have to lie and exaggerate about these petty things anyway.

ferschitz said...

Unsurprising: juvenile "humor" which, per usual, isn't amusing and isn't factual. Always reaching to make their point that Democrats are poo-poo heads, so don't vote for them!

Some of the "facts" are so far-fetched as to be laughable, except that contards will will lovingly agree with it (Dodd & Frank "caused" the whole fianancial melt-down all on their own... yeah, let's blame it on them, but when the Dems try to pass a bill trying to regulate the banks so that they'll lend to small business to keep the economy moving, every single REPUBLICAN senator votes against it. But hey: look over there at the GAY Democratic Senator... it's all his fault and god hates him as much as rightwingers do) or just plain stupid (Obummer didn't attend a religious observance on Xmas - the horror, the horror!).

I poo-poo this $***.

Hooray4US said...

Don Rickles is rolling in his grave to have this crap associated with him and his suave and very funny (this junk is neither) sense of comedic humor. Shame on the rightwing think tanks trying to imitate someone as talented as Rickles for their stupid propoganda.

It ain't working, and it's an insult to the memory of Rickles.

Take your "jokes" and stick 'em where the sun don't shine... please!

Marc with a C said...

"And Reid's so dumb, he makes Speaker Pelosi look like an intellectual."

The sender of this e-mail is so dumb, he makes Don Rickles look like he has talent.

Anonymous said...

If "Don Rickles is rolling in his grave", it's because he's horrified to discover that he's in a grave while still alive.

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