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Just a Reminder...

Mark Your Calendars!!

Pass It On!


gruaud said...

How about Vitter, Bunning, Coburn,
and DeMint.

And that's just for starters.

There are some Blue Dogs I'd like
to spay, too.

ferschitz said...

gruaud, you forgot the Tan Man Boehner, who wants to be Speaker of the House, and then there's the Adultry King (who engaged in illegal activities), John Ensign, who has been defended by his C Street bunk mate, great "family values" Inofe of OK.

I'm not sure if they're running this time around or not, but just wanted to point out some of the leading lights of the Republican party these days. Of course, there's also crazed Michelle Bachman who wants to spend the next "X" number of years wasting time on subpeonas... yeah, while the country's in the hopper, let's waste time on subpeonas.

All a bunch of pointless yahoos, but I will be happy to watch AK Senator Blanche Lincoln - laughingly called "Democrat" but really R-Walmart - go down to defeat.

katz said...

Also go shopping for A's.

sabina moon said...

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