Fw: Look Who's Praying/or Who's the Muslim Here

Here is the man that was elected - claiming to be a Christian,
but has not been in a church for Sunday services since got into the White House.

This is OUR President at a MOSQUE prayer session recently  AT THE WHITE HOUSE,
On the exact site where the INAUGURATION is held every 4 years!  
For Obama to continue as our president is an INSULT TO OUR FOUNDING FATHERS!
Forward this to every American Citizen, because the media won't!

And what was it he said to all of you that were in Washington , DC last week.



Anonymous said...

Since when is the Inauguration held at the White House? Its held at the Capitol building.

ferschitz said...

No surprise that this one is full of the usual crappy LIES. BHO and his family attend Sunday services regularly at Christian churches.

As the prior post states, the Inauguration isn't held at the White House (morans).

BHO did NOT "cancel" the National Day of Prayer (which, btw, is not some sacrosanct holiday, either).

I don't know what this photo is from, but given the litany of lies and b.s. in the rest of this RWF, I doubt that BHO was going into a Mosque to pray. But you are expected to remove your shoes before going into a Mosque... oooooohhhh scary! Big deal.

I've been in Mosques, and hey guess what: I've actually prayed in them, too... as a Christian. I've been to Jewish services in synagogues and schuls, and prayed in them, too, as a Xtian. I've also been in Hindu & Buddhist temples and participated in the services in them. Does that make ME some kind of traitor or terrorist? Don't think so. Get a clue.

Clearly faked by a rightwing think tank to gin up outrage, and sadly, they are successful in their lying, unethical, amoral, crummy ways. If people buy into this, then they are stupid.

Hooray4US said...

BHO allegedly said: "Don't question my religion."

aaaaaaaannndddd you're point would be??

So?? What a bunch of crap.

So stupid on all levels. Dumb people getting "upset" over nothing. Sore losers; easily brainwashed.

joshua said...

In college I took a class and was required to go to a service for a religion I was explicitly NOT affiliated with.

I chose a Jewish service, it was very interesting, and the people were very nice and told me all about it. I imagine I could have gone to a Muslim service, or virtually anything else, and it would have been the same way.

Good thing there weren't some Jesus freaks tailing me. I didn't realize that to be a good Christian you needed to shit on and shun everybody else's religion.

Anoner said...

According to these "good" Xtians, we should give anyone who is not a Xtian the finger when we pass them on the street, or worse.

So glad that I am not affiliated with a "tribe" that thinks this way. These people profess to venerate the founding fathers so much. The founding fathers valued freedom of religion above almost all else. The founding fathers would find these types of RWF's morally reprehensible and disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Snopes (unsurprising results)

"This picture of the President was taken at Istanbul's Blue Mosque [...] during the chief executive's two-day state visit to that country in April 2009."

Oh, and what have we here? A Presidential proclamation commemorating the 2010 National Day of Prayer? How shocking!

katz said...

I thought they were going to be up in arms that BHO appears to be pinching that other guy's butt.

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