FW: What has America become?

Date: Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 7:53 PM
Subject: What has America become?


Anonymous said...

100 percent correct!!! When you take GOD out of the picture that is what is going to happen.

Anonymous said...

We whine and bitch and moan with "facts" that are either outright false, twisted, or completely irrelevant. And then some idiot actually prints it in the newspaper.

Anonymous said...

@ first anon

You realize most of this is bull, right?

Anonymous said...

I could debunk this "argument" point by point - but the comments have a length limit, and I'd probably run over.

Plus, I'm just plum tired of trying to communicate facts to people who's world view depends on denying reality.

gruaud said...

You guys have had it all your own way since
1980 and things are worse now than they
were 30 years ago. You have limitless
corporate money, a media machine that
Goebbels would envy, an actively partisan
supreme court, a locked-up congress,
and a steady parade of Republican presidents
(I include Clinton -- the best conservative
president since Ike)....and it's STILL all gone
to shit.

Why is that, dummy?

Maybe you should re-examine conservative ideology.

Marc with a C said...

1) Lying: Not really sure what you're complaining about here. Bush lied about a war and got off scott free, Clinton lied about a BJ and got impeached.

2) Racism: Racism is a first amendment right for all. You just look like a total douche bag when 75% of the population with a history of racial oppression picks on the 12% with a history of enslavement.

3) Criminal justice: You're talking about BP and Enron, right?

4) Gays: I live, work, and socialize with homosexuals. The same cannot be said for God.

5) Abolition: You can kill an 80-year-old doctor while he's sitting in church, but God help you if you keep a collection of cells invisible to the naked eye from implanting in a uterine wall.

6) Communism: If you think that the liberals in this county are communist, I'd like to introduce you to a little concept I call "the collective farm."

7) Borders: Had a lot of problems with Mexican nuclear tests recently, have we? Or is it the Mexican submarines that kidnap Californians and force them to teach Phillipe Calderone how to speak English?

8) Protests: Where the hell were you 8 years ago? The cognitive dissonance must be deafening.

9) Nativities and Porn: I have no problem with celebrating works of fiction, I'd just rather not use my tax payer dollars to do it. And, last I checked, www.hotanalcumsluts.xxx was not FCC-sponsored.

10) Crime: Yeah. We've also stopped drilling holes in people's heads to let the evil spirits out, too.

11) Research: Animals feel pain and suffering. They also have personalities.

12) Welfare: Speaking of which, just how long is your coffee break? Or are you just passing time before the next Social Security check comes along?

13) Free Speech: I don't get it. Is www.hotanalcumsluts.xxx a source of political correctness now? Or are you just saying you like the parts of free speech that you agree with?

14) Parenting: It's going to get harder and harder to whine about walking through the snow to go to school when you were a kid if you're gonna keep denying Global Warming, ya know.

15) The difference between Katrina and the gulf oil spill is that only one president actually seemed to care (hint: not the white guy).

16) That's what the government does. The public bitches about immigrants, taxes, Jesus, pornography, communism, abortions, the constitution, and puts it all in a poorly thought-out letter to the editor of some two-bit newspaper in...you can see where I'm going here, right?

17) They got old and crotchety.

katz said...

Uh oh! Better dial whine-one-one! It's time to call the waaahmbulance!

Zeno said...

Bush didn't get burned in effigy nearly enough. An indictment for taking us into a bogus was in Iraq (with unfortunately very real casualties) would have been nice, too. Mr. Huber of Tawas City, however, prefers to whine and moan about mostly imaginary problems. Anyone who thinks the Obama administration's response to BP's criminal negligence in the Gulf of Mexico is the same as the Bush administration's criminal lack of preparation for Katrina (for which they had advance warning!) and lack of action afterward is just too stupid for words. So I'll stop.

ferschitz said...

Most of the prior posts sum up nicely. Also sick & tired of the dumb stupid whining ignorance of people like this. Teh stooopit, it burns. But have one more comment:

"We take money from those who work hard and give it to those who don't want to work."

Hey, Mr. Huber of Bumfuck, MI, guess what I completely agree with you! Carly Fiorina - currently running for Senate in CA - took a LOT of my very hard earned money when she slept her way to the top and got the CEO job at HP... did next to nothing except run HP into the ground. HP - a respected co - almost went under due to Fiorina's incompetence, elitist entitlements and crappy know-nothing style of mis-management. And then Fiorina took my hard earned money and walked away with a giant golden handshake. And guess what, Mr. Huber??? I'm still working hard, and Fiorina's been lolling about sucking offa the stockholder's titty. And now she's running as a Republican for Senate.... using my hard earned dollars to spend, spend, spend, spend on her campaign.

Yeah: I really DO hate it when lazy, crummy elities take MY money and do nothing except loll about in their mansions.

The same can be said for a lot of fat cats in this nation. I taxed more, proportionately, than they are. So yeah: I work *&^% hard, and I'm sick of the uber wealthy taking advantage of lower tax rates and other loopholes and living the good life while I have to slave my butt off.

You're right, Mr. Huber. I really HATE being ripped off by rich Repbulicans. Glad you brought it up.

PS Whether G-d is either in or out of the "picture," has nothing to do with the drooling stupidity in this letter. Don't insult G-d that way, please. Have a little respect.

Hooray4US said...

Most posts have already covered the main points. Here's one that stood out:

"We all support the Constitution but only when it supports our political ideology..."

Ummm, project much, Mr. Huber? Think that comment applies to you and your ilk. Looking in the mirror when you wrote that, were you?

Snarla said...

Fantastic argument. Let me see if I can do it, too:

"We can have salsa on our hamburgers, but we can't make snowmen in July!"

"We can shampoo our hair with beer shampoo, but we can't drink nuclear waste!"

"We can watch baseball on tv, but we can't grind our teeth!"

Did I get it right?

Anoner said...

Agree with ferschitz that conservatives blame the wrong people for "wasting" their money. Carly Fiorina is a good ex. Here's someone who got fired for vast incompetence after almost trashing Hewlett-Packard, but her friendly Board gave her a golden handshake (funded by shareholders) when Fiorina was fired. If the rest of us get canned for incompetency, we get the shaft and nothing else.

Now Fiorina is using shareholder money to try to buy a Senate seat. If she wins, billionaire Fiorina will get paid a nice 6 figure salary and benefits for life by US citizens tax dollars.

Who's costing citizens more? Some poor person who may get welfare for a limited time period in their whole life? Or Fiorina who may get a large salary or pension, plus the best health care benefits that tax dollars can buy. And yet Fiorina has plenty and doesn't need more. But conservatives whine about poor people??

Get. a. clue.

The same could be said about a lot of other politicians and other corporate fat cats. Conservatives have been well brainwashed to blame the wrong people for "wasting" money.

Anonymous said...

Boo hoo sob sob where's my pony??? I want a pony!!!! Damn poor people are preventing me from getting my pony!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaah

JINGOIST said...

Way to go Ken Huber!! So much of this is SO true! I have one bone to pick with you though.
You wrote:
"..the similarity between Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf oil spill is that neither president did anything to help."

Not so fast. I know that's a popular sentiment, but it's not accurate. The inept response to Katrina is EXACTLY what conservatives like myself expect from government at all levels. Have you ever tried to deal with a state agency? Make SURE you don't bring a loaded weapon because you'll be sorely tested :-).
My point is that the inept (slow) response was to be expected and not at all the result of purposeful malfeasence. Government agencies are PATHETIC as a rule, and the damn fools will soon be in control of your health care...Oh JOY!!!

The Obama Administration PURPOSEFULLY delayed the cleanup of the Gulf oil spill in order to help his cause to shut down the Gulf for drilling and protect his union buddies' jobs in the cleanup. To this day they've yet to waive the Jones Act!!

Foreign skimmers waited on the sidelines for WEEKS while the disaster took place and this administration refused to allow them to aid in the cleanup. This was ON PURPOSE and it was horribly harmful. IMO it's a disaster that didn't need to happen and is impeachable.

Anoner said...

Go Jingoist: you win "teh stooopit, it burnz" award today!

Whooo - hoooo.

Yeah, right: privatizing everything just makes it all so much more efficient and cost-effective... like how BP managed their oil rig. Yep: right on. BP just demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt how "effective" the private sector is.

But hey, Jingoist: if you enjoy being ripped off by billionaires: good for you. Bc that's what's happening.

ferschitz said...

Dear Jingoist:

Please read my prior post re Carly Fiorina and her record in running Hewlett-Packard almost out of business.

How do you explain that one? And no, Carly was not a government employee at the time, but - in a surprise manuever - Carly now ASPIRES to be a government employee and get paid by YOUR tax dollars.

Care to explain that one??

Anonymous said...

I guess I have to Jingoist this: at least s/he admits that s/he WANTS the gov't to fail. And so does a happy dance when the gov't is her/his eyes "incompetent" bc it proves him/her "right."

If this is the case, however, then why do righties, like Jingoist, want the USA to be in endless Wars around the globe? If the US govt is damned incompetent, they why aren't rightwingers against the wars, too???

Those are run by our nitwitted incompetent gov't, too, or did that notion escape Jingoist's attention (or did Glenn Beck fail to explain that to Jinogist?).

JINGOIST said...

fersch, I don't know enough about Carly to comment substantively on the topic, although I DO know her opponent's party has helped drive CA into bankruptcy. California is looking like a banana republic with the Dems running the show.
Way to go Dems! Way to go public sector unions! F%&$ the taxpayer, right?

Hey anoner, you reply with insults and class warfare only, and THEN you have the nerve to call someone stupid? I guess an actual response to my post is too much to expect from someone like yourself--a buffoon. You also wrote:

"But hey, Jingoist: if you enjoy being ripped off by billionaires: good for you. Bc that's what's happening."

Until Nancy Pelosi and George Soros came along, a billionaire never had the power to FORCIBLY reach into my pocket and steal money from me or write freedom killing bils.. Past billionaires had to make me happy in some way or another by selling me a good product, like oil (think Rockerfeller or Hughes). With the Dems in power billionaires are now writing fascist legislation. Thanks Dems!


Anonymous said...

fersch, I don't know enough about Carly to comment substantively on the topic

Not knowing anything didn't stop you from commenting before. Why the change?

JINGOIST said...

Typical leftist drone, all insult, no substance.

JINGOIST said...

Yaaaaa!!!! Great news!

Lynne Stewart, communist traitor, lawyer to terrorists, and re-used scumbag extraordinaire was sentenced to 10 years by a judge in Manhattan!

That just makes my day all the more sunnier. :-) It's a good day.

Anonymous said...

Typical wingnut idiot. Spouting off myths, hate, distortions and lies and believing them to be factual.

Anonymous said...

@ Jingoist

And yet the war criminals Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice remain alive and free. There really is no justice in the world.

JINGOIST said...

Ms. (theoretically) Stewart, communist traitor, lawyer to terrorists, and re-used scumbag extraordinaire, should have gotten the death penalty. We used to know what to do with traitors. Now they get the Federal pen...too bad.

JINGOIST said...

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice defended America from animals who hate it almost as much as you leftists do.

Never fear though, Obie is apologizing at record speed for the actions of the Bush adminstration! LOL!

Anonymous said...

We used to know what to do with traitors.

Judging from how Robert E Lee was treated for his treason, I'd say we used to build them statues and deify them.

Anonymous said...

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice defended America from animals who hate it almost as much as you leftists do.

They didn't defend shit. They invaded the wrong fucking country, killed tens of thousands of innocents along with thousands of US troops, and in the process bankrupted our nation and created more enemies then we ever had.

Never fear though, Obie is apologizing at record speed for the actions of the Bush adminstration! LOL!

Pity that it would take at least 10 terms for any President to apologize for all of Bush's foul ups.

JINGOIST said...

Oooh such nasty language! I understand that it must be a tough day for you hopey changey types. The community organizer's plans are coming apart at the seems and NOW a hero of your commie left just got more jail time. LOL!

How's that "hopey changey" thing working out for all of you unemployed people out there? Leave it to Obamster to turn ALL of America into Detroit!

JINGOIST said...

Ooops, the word is "seams."

Anonymous said...

Lynne Stewart is a hero? And what plans are coming apart? Health care passed, financial reform passed, tax cuts for most Americans. Granted a lot of it has been watered down due to Republican whining, insanity, and whoring, but its still progress. And the best part is seeing idiots like you on the losing side, crying about it.

JINGOIST said...

Good points anon, Barack's been TREMENDOUSLY successful at at damaging our country. How that hopey changey thing woking out for you poor saps?
Collectivist drones.

Anonymous said...

So providing health care to more Americans, giving tax cuts, and reforming the damaging financial practices which got us into this mess in the first place is your idea of damaging the country?

Anonymous said...

So Jingoist, is Obama failing or succeeding? First you said failing, now you say succeeding. Can't be both, so which is it?

Marc with a C said...

Hey Jingoist,

If Obama was only 10% as bad as you say he is, you'd be in a reeducation camp right now, screen-printing Obama '12 t-shirts.

Enjoy the tyranny!

Anonymous said...

Don't. feed. the. trolls.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon

Ya, I know I shouldn't. But part of my brain just can't let crap like that stand.

Anoner said...

This is a blog about Email Forwards sent out by rightwingers espousing rightwing viewpoints. Most who comment here to do so to debunk the myths, lies, racism, sexism, bigotry and downright stupidity of most of the RWF's.

However, if someone really read through this blog carefully enough, one would realize that many who post here are NOT Obamabots, nor are some of us even that thrilled with Democrats.

I don't see the world in black and white, and I have a lot of "issues" with Obama, myself. I tend to research the issues, inform myself and make my own decisions about where I stand and what I believe in.

I tend to be very fiscally conservative, which is why I despised Bush, who engaged in reckless financial policies - esp tax cuts for the excessively wealthy while engaging in unnecessary wars of agression which have solved nothing and just created more problems - that drove this nation to the brink of fiscal destruction. Obama hasn't done a whole lot better, imo, but things like the Stimulus (paltry though it was) have kept our economy somewhat chugging along, Cash for Clunkers resulted in more jobs ongoingly than most will admit. I hate HCR bc it didn't go far enough, imo, but it did fix some small issues, and so on.

I am socially liberal, though, and I'm sick and tired of rightwingers who rant and rave about how our govt is so inept and incapable and should be shrunk to the size of a pea. Yet these same hypocrits want to tell me who I can marry and whether I can have an abortion or not... which is none of their business. Interesting how rightwingers who profess to HATE the gov't have no problem with the Military Indus Complex, which wastes tons of tax dollars uselessly, and have no problem invading citizens' bedrooms.

Hypocrits. Bull Hockey. Nonsense. Stupidity. Ignorance.

katz said...

I want our old troll back.

Anonymous said...

Katz: be careful what you wish for...

JINGOIST said...

Anoner writes:
"I tend to be very fiscally conservative..."

Bullsh-t! While I could never claim to read your minds, I CAN CERTAINLY READ YOUR POSTS. You are a class warfare, bullshi-t artist from start to finish. You leftists will have to work a little harder to bs someone like myself who is used to dealing with you dumbass little collectivist luddites.

You idiot slaves-in-training are enabling the biggest and most dangerous tyrants in the history of MY country. I'm calling you on it. Now, go get your GD unemployment and welfare checks you losers!

Oh, one last thing. Find out why Obama hindered the oil spill cleanup for over 5 weeks. Good luck, and TRY to be marginally honest. That's a tall order for you lefties.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Katz was right. This guy seems too over the top to be real. No one could be that dumb... right?

katz said...

Our old troll didn't type in all caps, and his tone was merely sanctimonious, not vitriolic. But yes, with a statement like that, I'm begging to end up with two trolls. And trolls never attack each other.

Anonymous said...

Some people just like to come and attack and then victimize themselves and say that they are the ones being attacked. Meh.

ferschitz said...

Well Jingoist is either a nasty piece of work, or he's yanking a chain of some sort. In either case, just one more thought:

If conservatives think Obummer did such a horrid job with the BP oil volcano... then why are they saying that? I disagree with some aspects of how Obamma handled that disaster, too, but my main complaint is that he mostly turned over the handling of the whole situation, including the clean up, to BP, itself. As in: to the private sector company (and the company that created the disaster in the first place, no less).

My biggest complaint was that Obama allowed BP to be in charge of the clean up effort. I thought it would have been better handled to be managed by the govt. But Obama did what most conservatives seem to be ranting about: he turned the clean up over to the private sector company, BP.

Now some conservatives want to complain about how the clean up effort went. Well, why? I thought that conservatives were so in love with everything the private sector does. If conservatives don't like how the BP disaster clean up effort is going, then why blame it on Obama? Obama did EXACTLY what conservatives want and turned it over to the private sector to handle it.

WTF?? Figure it out and be consistent. Again: step away from useless whining and come up with solutions. If you want the private sector to handle everything (which appears to be the case), then go complain to BP about how they handled the disaster, including the clean up.

No doubt, some troll will come here to abuse me with some weird attack about how I'm starting a class war.

JINGOIST said...

fersch writes:

"Well Jingoist is either a nasty piece of work, or he's yanking a chain of some sort."

LOL! I've been called worse. :-)

I'm a small businessman stuck home for as few days with a bad knee. I can't even go to the firing range. Between icing it and limping around I came across you keyboard commies.

The Obama Administration PURPOSEFULLY delayed the cleanup of the Gulf oil spill in order to help his cause to shut down the Gulf for drilling and protect his union buddies' jobs in the cleanup. The spill is in federal waters, and only the GOVERNMENT has the power to direct the cleanup and allow or prohibit foreign skimmers in federal waters. This was waaaaaay beyond incompetance, it was purposeful.

To this day they've yet to waive the Jones Act!! The sorry bastards even hindered Bobby Jindal's cleanup efforts in the LA marshland. He wanted it to be as bad as possible.

Your action figure hero--Obamacommie--will have to do some SERIOUS answering for this in the near future. Can you say "high crimes and misdemeanors"?

Anonymous said...

Again with this Jones act crap?

Fact: The Jones act doesn't apply to ships operating more than 3 miles from shore.

Fact: The Jones act has an exemption for emergencies like this.

Fact: Foreign ships have been part of the cleanup for weeks, and the Jones act hasn't stopped them.

Fact: H. Clayton Cook, A republican attorney and expert on the Jones act denied that it had any effect on cleanup.

Hey Jingoist, maybe you should take this time while you're laid up with an injury to try and reconnect with reality. Do some actual research, turn off Fox, Rush and Co, and try to not make such an ass of yourself.

ferschitz said...

I never said that Obama was my "action hero." In fact, I stated a couple of times that I have my own "issues" with Obama. I stated clearly that I'm not an Obamabot.

However, Jingoist would rather come here and paint us all with some broad brush to include us all on his "Hate" list. If we happen to be progressive, Jingoist will victimize himself and deliberately decide what we're thinking and feeling, no matter what we write here, in order to make us all the "evil enemey" whose out to screw him.

Eff that nonsense. Grow up, Jingoist, and READ what's written here.

Yeah: I know. I might as well talk to a brick wall as try to get Jingoist to actually READ what we say here. He'd rather live in his nasty little conservativer world where all progressives, no matter what, are the "the enemy" and he never has to think about or consider what others are actually saying to him.

And if you think Obama is going to be charged with "high crimes and misdemeanors" over the oil spill, guess again.

It's not so much whether you want to keep whining to me about how Obummer's the root of all eeeevul, and Obummer didn't do something the way Glenn Beck said he should.

The fact is that your precious Republicans set up Unitary Executive powers for US Presidents, and ain't none of us ever going to see an US Pres charged with anything, unless our corporate overlords want it that way.

Wake up, Jingoist. You're as much being screwed by the corporations as I am. Go ahead and keep blaming it on Obama... that's just how the corporations want you to be: distracted by a stupid shiney object.

And by the way, you lazy slacker!!! Staying home bc you hurt your leg? What are you, a communist??? I broke my foot and never took ONE day off work... but I digress as a lazy socialist bent only on ripping off conservatives like you.

tootseye said...

It is annoying when conservatives come to this blog and write that we progressives don't want to work together with them, as conservatives.

Yet when we try to explain how we feel, the conservatives who post here ignore what's said and tell us how we're all worshipping Obama unquestioningly and/or mindlessly acting like Socialists trying to give away all the conservatives money to poor people and similar junk.

Too bad. Because it would be nice to have a "real" conversation about issues without having conservatives tell us who we are & how we're acting... while not really reading and responding to what we're saying.

Happens every time.

JINGOIST said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JINGOIST said...

I DON'T want to have a conversation with leftists anymore. You people and your type are a clear and present danger to America. I want you totalitarians and your nasty little kleptocratic cult defeated so thoroughly that you'll be out of power for at least two generations. This way we can reverse the damage you've done in the last 4 years.(Piglosi, Fwank, Waters, Dodd, and their beloved Fanny and Freddy)

Leftists have no business in a country founded on individual freedom and responsibility. You are the living, breathing ANTITHESIS of those values. Leftists are political Luddites who NEVER seem to learn from the human and economic wreckage caused by their policies.

Leftists DESPISE the 1st and 2nd Amendments to our constitution and continuously work to undermine our culture. Leftists are control freaks who need to be STOPPED!!

You people are a THREAT to free people!

Anonymous said...

I DON'T want to have a conversation with leftists anymore.

Anymore? I'm sure you were so open minded in the past.

You people and your type are a clear and present danger to America

Explain how. Because we don't toe your authoritarian line? Because we believe in reason and logic and facts instead of blind dogma?

Leftists have no business in a country founded on individual freedom and responsibility.

We work here, pay taxes here, serve in the military here, elect officials here. Seems to me like we're a pretty big part of this country.

Leftists DESPISE the 1st and 2nd Amendments to our constitution and continuously work to undermine our culture.

Except we aren't into book burning, censorship, and the promotion of right wing Christianity and marginalization or oppression of others religions and viewpoints. So I guess we are a threat you your particular "culture" in that sense.

Anonymous said...

A fool hath said in his heart there is no GOD.

ferschitz said...

No one in this post has said that there is "no God," except for the last Anon post, I'd like to point out.

Jingoist is just ticked off bc he has no good "defense" for the offense played out here. This is my usual experience with most conservatives. Once confronted with facts, they then dwindle down to: nanny nanny boo boo, I refuse to talk to you bc you're poo poo.

And then toss out the usual slings and arrows about how we're not "patriotic enough," or how leftists "tear up the constitution" or whatever other nonsensical b.s. that GlennRush TOLD them to say.

As the one Anon post says: we pay our taxes, we serve in the military, we go to church, we donate to US charities. Who is some random, clearly unhinged, conservative to JUDGE that ALL leftists should be kicked out of the USA bc we don't "deserve" to be citizens??? I think that's called FACISM, my friend, and I think Jingoist and his ilk really, really need to turn off their radios and tvs for at least a few days and take some very deep breaths.

Hyperfixate much?? Project much??? Run out of good arguments much????

Tootseye said...

Plus: what DAMAGE have leftists done? I'm still not getting where this insane ranting comes from about all the damages done to this nation by leftists.

I doubt Jingoist could list much either.

I agree with ferschitz. It's a form of Facism to demand a one party rule, which seems to escape most conservatives who want to crush the left out of existence so that ONLY their "way" gets to run things.

Yoo hoo! That's not the American way!!

Anonymous said...

Kleptocracies are generally associated with corrupt forms of authoritarian governments, particularly dictatorships...

And this is what the Obama Admin is? How?

Wow... Jingoist has really gone over the edge on this one.

The only "authoritarian" blogging on this post is Jingoist the Anon poster who keeps writing "God" stuff.

I don't see any regulars who blog here as authoritarians at all. Seems like Jingoist, as with most conservatives, is projecting his own authoritarian personality onto the left.

Hey, Jingoist: take a look in the mirror, buddy. Maybe that's why you're so weirdly angry. It's not us who are authoritarian, nor are we a cult (I don't even know anyone who blogs here).

gruaud said...

I'll finally chime in (I itend to ignore trolls) and
say that Jingo couldn't have picked a more
perfect name for his smug, ignorant ass.

You project like a movie projector showing
Leni Reifenstahl's 'Triumph of the Will'.

JINGOIST said...

You wack jobs crack me up. You've been lied to and SO thoroughly indoctrinated that you don't know fact from lefty talking points. To you they're the same thing. You (all of you drones) also show the typical lefty confusion between Nazi/fascist/etc. and conservatives. Let me explain something to you painfully stupid little nitwits.

Conservatives like myself believe in smaller, less powerful, constitutionally limited government! You know what that means? Stop scratching your little heads. That means more human freedom within the framework of a small number of STRICTLY enforced laws.
You leftists are the OPPOSITE of that, and your tyrannical tendencies are shown in DC right now.
I know what you're thinking now, "OMG Jingo, that must mean that those laws are actually worth enforcing, and the corrollary to that thought is that the more laws we create out of the ether, the more corrupt our society is getting."

I'm still chuckling that I put that thought into your nutty little skulls.

It's too bad that you simpletons are so formulaic that you resort to the brain dead "fascist" label so quickly. If you weren't so GD ignorant you'd understand what fascism really is, and the threat we face as a Republic.

Your guy, Obama, is a fascist. I've written about it at length on a few ocassions, but I'll give you the American Thinker's take on it. You wackjobs are damaging MY country.


I may or may not respond to subsequent posts. It depends on their quality, and you dummies are sorely lacking.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives like myself believe in smaller, less powerful, constitutionally limited government!

So good to hear that. So then you're pro gay marriage? Pro choice? Pro legalization? Pro freedom of religion for all faiths, including Muslims and atheists? I won't hear you railing against the Cordoba house, right?

And you're also against illegal, stupid ass wars? Right?

Your guy, Obama, is a fascist.

Obama is the facist? I thought he was a communist? Or an African nationalist? Or a Jihadist? Or a limp wristed lefty?

I've written about it at length on a few ocassions, but I'll give you the American Thinker's take on it.

Oh good, AT! Its so useful. If ever there's a shortage of bathroom tissue, just print out a few sheets of AT and you're good to go.

You wackjobs are damaging MY country.

Well you guys have a long and proud history of damaging OUR country. Only fair that we can return the favor.

I may or may not respond to subsequent posts. It depends on their quality, and you dummies are sorely lacking.

You'll be back. You're an insane egomaniac who is trolling for attention. And if you don't come back, we'll take it as an admission of defeat on your part.

Anonymous said...

I just took a gander at JINGOISTS blog. Its clear now why he's here: he actually believes this stuff. He posts this crap on his own blog, and repeats the long debunked talking points that find their way into so many of these stupid forwards.

Among the gems I found over there:

A call to repeal the 17th amendment

complaining that Health Care reform cuts money from medicare, a perfect example of having your cake and eating it to. Hey Jingoist, isn't Medicare an unconstitutional socialized medicine program? Why protect it?

The long debunked myth about the new army of IRS agents which is going to COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND TAKE AWAY YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR DOGGSSSS!!!!

But my favorite post was an unabashed praise of Lincoln and the Gettysburg address. You know, the same Lincoln who suspended HC, greatly expanded federal power, implemented the first draft and income tax, and who Obama admires so much and tries to emulate. Something tells me if this was 1863 JINGOIST would be either wearing grey or have a piece of copper on his lapel.

Anonymous said...

And how could I forget: multiple posts trying to rationalize the oil spill as nothing to worry about.

gruaud said...

"I may or may not respond..."

No one gives a shit, dummy.

ferschitz said...

I KNEW Jingoist would be back bc he's been trained by rightwing ranting egomaniacs, like RushGlenn, that the way to deal with everything in life is to rant and foam at the mouth about the horrible lefties who are ruining his own narcississtic self-absorbed selfish life.

I've asked Jingoist before if he agrees with getting out of the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan as a way of shrinking gov't (which he's never really explained how the hugely "expansive" gov't is "ruining" his personal life), but as yet from Jingoist on that topic: crickets.... nada... zip.

Meh. I happened to catch 1 min of Glenn Beck, who is one serious whack job, but his well-paid gig is to foment self-righteous anger over nothing. People who are angry are easily manipulated. Jingoist clearly watches Glenn & listens to the great god Limpballs, gets angry, and then storms around WHINING like a little girl over leftists.

There's stuff I don't like about BHO and the Dem admin. There's stuff I hated about Bush. Whatever. As citizens, we have options to vote in various ways, and there's other outlets to express our opinions.

But Jingoist jus wants to grind all leftists under his bootheal - just like the Facists in Nazi Germany (there I said it) - and never allow leftists to have any say at all in our gov't. That, my friends, is facism. Jingoist believes that by tossing out some $4 words, it proves how correct his point of view is.

Well, the Jingoists of this planet are certainly entitled to their points of view and to vote and behave accordingly. And that, my friends, is the big and most important difference between the Jingoists of the planet and most leftists: Leftists may decry and abhor rightwing policies and actions, but we agree that conservatives have the right to their viewpoint and also have the right to govern if freely and fairly elected.

The Jingoists of the planet??? NO way. If a so-called "leftist" govt is freely and fairly elected by the majority of the population, according to Jingoist (and RushGlenn) Dems are not supposed to govern ever at all, no way, no how.

Hey: oppose the current Admin all you want and seek to have legislation enacted that you agree with. Fine.

But Jingoist doesn't just want to do that. Jingoist wants all Democrats and leftists to be crushed under, never allowed to speak or have a voice in the gov't, and we're never supposed to have a chance to run the govt. Never.

No, thanks, Jingoist: you are totally out of line and totally wrong. That's not the "American Way," no matter how much you want to think that. It's not right. Not at all.

Plus no one around here has ever protested the Second Amend, btw. Get over that one. You're being played by the Guns & Ammo industries, esp if you're running out to stock up. Stupid.

Anoner said...

Response to one prior Anon post, who claims that Jingoist's website said the oil spill is "nothing to worry about."

Jingoist commented in earlier tirades here about the oil spill, and in those rants, he said there loads of problems with spill and the clean up, but Jingoist, of course, blamed it all on Obama.

Jingois loves to live in that conservative black & white world where all the Democrats are evil scourges, and all the Republicans are blameless beings of light.

There are problems with both sides of the aisle. It would be nice if Republicans could stop playing this obtructionist blame game, in order to assist with running our nation better. The govt DID used to run this way, and not that long ago.

Jingoist is entitled to his weird and narrow viewpoints, but what Jingoist doesn't get is that by a temper-tantrum throwing tyranical baby, it's just hindering us all from moving forward as a nation and seeking good solutions to the problems that exist.

I didn't agree with everything that BHO did in response to the oil volcano, but BHO did turn it over to BP, a private corporation, to handle most of it. That's what Jingoist *says* he wants - a less intrusive gov't. Yet when BHO actually *does* what Jingoist claims he wants, he still rants and whines about BHO and his alleged perfidy and incompetence.

But in Jingoist-world, there is no cognitive dissonance, as long as conservatives get to whine and blame Dems for everything they perceive as "wrong."

Well, Jingoist, if you HATE gov't so much, then why not go live in that Libertarian paradise, Somalia? I'm sure you could find a house that you could storm-troop your way into squatting, and live there in the Ayn Randian splendor that would make John Galt envy you. Go for it, dude!

Tootseye said...

HCR cuts medicare? LOL. Typical conservative viewpoints. Give me my socialized medicare but eff the rest of yews. ha ha

The HCR legislation IS pretty crappy, but no thanks to our conservative Tea Party folks who ranted and whined about lies and stupidity. Yeah, the legislation was really watered down, and ends up being a give-away to BigIns, thanks in no small measure to righties like Jingoist.

But let's blame blame blame Democrats for all of our problems, and then we can feel a self-righteously smug and never come up with any solutions.

Anonymous said...

I guess we could thank Jingoist on one level for providing a forum for such discussion and debate. While Jingoist may be somewhat entitled feel somewhat outnumbered, at least he showed up to talk to us here.

That said, it is discouraging because many of us have asked reasonable and good questions and gotten simply no answer. Rather Jingoist has chosen to call us names (pinheads) or to just say we're stupid or to stentoriously announce that he wants us all out of "HIS" country and that we leftists have "no right" to have any say or in participating in running the gov't.

Not all conservatives are quite so narrow-minded, but it's certainly a viewpoint which is definitely being pumped up by the corporate-owned rightwing media, especially Fox (owned by non-American Rupurt Murdoch, btw). It's unfortunate bc it does lead to a very nasty viewpoint that only conservatives have "rights" in this country, and that leftists should always be shunned and excluded because we are not "real Americans."

That's just so wrong on so many levels, yet I expect Jingoist to faithfully come back here and tell me all about "HIS" country and how I should be "kicked out" or "ground under" or at least never have any kind of voice or say about anything.

Again: that's just so wrong.

I support Jingoist's right to his point of view and his ability to vote for whomever he chooses. It's too bad that Jingoist doesn't support something the same for me. And THAT, imo, is the biggest problem that I see with conservatives who think, behave and believe like Jingoist does.

It's wrong, and it's not the "American way." Not at all.

gruaud said...

Anon said:

"Jingoist may be somewhat entitled feel
somewhat outnumbered, at least he showed
up to talk to us here."

Gotta cry foul on this.

He never had any intention of talking. He's
your typical smug, self-righteous troll whose
game is to piss off liberals. The more liberals
he pisses off, the more points he gets. Who
cares if the country goes over a cliff? A win
is a win, baby!

Reminds of when Yahoo had unlimited
comments and trolls would post such gems
as "I jacked off into a liberal's salad!!"

All while the country slid into the abyss, all
while the lefties were shouting warnings, all
while the rest of the country shut their eyes
and stuck their fingers into their ears.

Cassandra never had it so good.

Personally, I think the US either goes
full-blown Nazi or collapses into several
small nation states.

The whole "United" part of the US died after
the Supreme Court selected Bush the Lesser.

Anonymous said...

The nation was founded on the principles of life and liberty for ALL, not just for a narrow tiny slice of white male society.

Jingoist is dead wrong in the view that this is "HIS" country and everyone who doesn't subcribe to his narrow, tiny viewpoint should get out or shut up. How screwed up is that?

Conservatives, such as Jingoist, whine about how liberals "don't listen" or aren't willing to communicate with conservatives. What a load of hogwash. Just look at Jingoist here: never answering questions put to him several times by different posts, telling ALL of us to shut up forever bc we don't agree with him, and basically telling us that no leftist is a citizen. Geez... life really sucks for Jingoist, doesn't it, when he's forced to "share." The concepts of negotiation, getting to yes, and/or compromise never seem to apply to conservatives... conservatives only want leftists to compromise - or more factually (as is proven here) bow down completely and just do what Jingoist said.

Hey dude: believe it or not, there's a few more productive taxpayers around here than just you. We get a say, whether you like or not. Get used to it. And if you think that believing something like proves that I am "brainwashed," then clearly there's no way to communicate with someone as closed and shut down as you. It's really too bad, if that's true... for you.

katz said...

To conservatives' credit, I would feel intimidated and antagonized if I was one and I stumbled onto this blog.

Because it is a liberal stomping ground, and we talk the way we talk amongst ourselves. So it comes off as even more liberal than we really are (well, more liberal than I really am, anyway), and we use slang and nicknames (Faux News) that conservatives would find insulting.

Of course we are all happy to settle down and have a reasonable discussion if a conservative shows up who wants to discuss things, but anyone who shows up and sees the sort of stuff we normally post would probably expect to just get insulted and attacked. So I'm not surprised that conservatives who want to have an actual conversation rarely post here.

But none of this excuses Jingoist, who has never wanted to have a rational conversation with anyone. Nor with our anonymous Bible verse troll, who has not demonstrated the basic conversational ability to make a statement related to a topic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Katz, that was the point I was making. I can see how any conservative coming here *might* feel angry/annoyed/upset/ attacked or whatever (I don't know) bc we do "carry on" in this blog about conservatives and sometimes say things in a mean-spirited way.

And I'm willing to grant that. That said, once we started engaging with Jingoist, he never made the remotest effort to really "converse," esp in terms of answering very simple, very direct questions.

And then proceeded to tell us that this is only "HIS" country, and we should all get out or be prepared to be ground under. WTF?

So spare me.

But it's too bad the national "conversation" has broken down so badly. I get back to what a lot of us have said here. We may be rude sometimes, and we may also be mean-spirited. Yet I'm pretty certain that none of the regulars who post here would say that this is only a country for liberals and conservatives like Jingoist should get the eff out of here and/or be prepared to be ground under.

That's my biggest bone to pick with this blogger, and it's the biggest bone I have to pick with the majority of conservatives who tend to act the same way. Believe it or not, the USA is not just and only for conservatives. A democracy is meant to be tolerant and accepting of all sides. We were founded under that principle, and that principle still exists.

If you don't like someone else's opinions and ideas: fine. But everyone is entitled to their opinions, their ideas and have the right to vote accordingly. Get over it.

gruaud said...

Katz said:

"So it comes off as even more liberal than we really are"

Not me, baby.

I'm not a communist, I'm not a socialist (despite
what RW morons think); I am a fucking
New Deal democrat, and perhaps the last one.

I'll never give up fighting these bastards.


ferschitz said...

"The 400 richest families in America, who saw their wealth increase by some $400 billion during the Bush years, have now accumulated $1.27 trillion in wealth….While the highest-paid 400 Americans had an average income of $345 million in 2007, as a result of Bush tax policy they now pay an effective tax rate of 16.6 percent, the lowest on record.

"Last year, the top twenty-five hedge fund managers made a combined $25 billion but because of tax policy their lobbyists helped write, they pay a lower effective tax rate than many teachers, nurses and police officers. As a result of tax havens in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and elsewhere, the wealthy and large corporations are evading some $100 billion a year in U.S. taxes. Warren Buffett, one of the richest people on earth, has often commented that he pays a lower effective tax rate than his secretary….

"In 2009, Exxon Mobil, the most profitable corporation in history made $19 billion in profits and not only paid no federal income tax—they actually received a $156 million refund from the government. In 2005, one out of every four large corporations in the United States paid no federal income taxes while earning $1.1 trillion in revenue..."

ferschitz said...

I'm with you, gruaud, on being a New Deal Democrat. I think there's more around than some might realize, but we're often called Socialists or Communists or even Nazis (which never ceases to amaze me). These days the Overton window has pushed so far to the right, that most conservatives would consider Reagan and Nixon as dirty commies.

What conservatives don't get is that, even if they support all of these tax cuts for billionaires, it's not going to help them. My family kept singing Reagan's praises to me even as I showed them my paychecks to prove that MY taxes went up, while the uber rich paid less taxes thru Reagan's tax cuts.

There's an incredible form of denial that goes on in conservative's minds that I've never been able to understand bc they still have a belief in Trickle Down economics, which has never yet worked. Even Ross Perot decried that economic theory, and many rightwingers really liked and voted for Perot.

When Bush cut the upper tax levels, this country immediately went into deficit - immediately. Then Bush Lied us into very costly wars in the middle east and hid and lied about the costs of those wars.

These same conservatives now demand that we continue the Bush uber wealthy tax cuts forever, while being deficit Hawks about the unemployed. The Obama Admin has stated clearly that they chose to continue unemployement benefits - rather than begin a works program (like FDR) - simply because it is: a) CHEAPER than a jobs program, b) is very stimulating to the economy (people spend this money), and c) people NEED it bc there are NO jobs.

Yet conservatives continue to want the wars to continue - costing us billions needlessly - cut taxes for the super wealthy (how rich does one have to be? when is enough enough?) - but make unemployed people suffer and go hungry because they are such a drain on... ??? Jingoist???

Yeah, now Jingoist will drive by to tell me how brainwashed I am, and I how I simply never think for myself. Yet I hardly ever watch tv news or listen to radio news. I research widely on the Internet, including a lot of foreign sources. But yeah: it's easier for the Jingoists of this nation to put me in a neat little box that says: dumb, stupid & brainwashed.

Fine. Whatever. But facts are facts. This country's being ruined by the corporations and super wealthy, who are ripping all of us, including the Jingoists. If Jingoist wants to victimize himself to "poor people" that's fine. But poor people aren't the problem. It's the super wealthy who are, and it's the super wealthy who are writing ALL of the legislation, even that coming out of this laughingly called "Democratic" administration.

Wake up, sheeples... the super wealthy just aren't that into you, even if you do cower and grovel at their feet.

Go said...

"What happened to the land of the free and the home of the brave?"

It became overrun by idiots asking dumb useless questions like this.

Agree with prior, non-troll, posts.

emo110 said...

@ferschitz - I agree with you. And the one thing that Jingoist doesn't get is that both Rush and Beck are multi-millionaires who are brainwashing people like him into doing their bidding to protect, no, INCREASE their wealth.

It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic.

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