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Subject: Arizona


Anonymous said...

And in Utah, it's a sin to be any sort of Latino at all.

ferschitz said...

Don't really get the point, other than venerating racist dumb laws. Can't be bothered to figure out anything more.

gruaud said...

And if they come in legally and vote Democratic,
that's ok, right?

Had you tried to address this issue in a humane
and rational manner, you might have cultivated
an enormous wing in the GOP tent.

But, fortunately for America, you did not.

Zeno said...

With the millions of illegal immigrants casting illegal votes illegally and illegally subverting our God-ordained Republican nation, you'd think they would have managed to find and convict at least one by now. Or even maybe two!

Yeah. For, you know, illegal stuff.

Anonymous said...


"In Arizona, it's a crime to be an illegal alien...in Washington, it's a vote!"

I'm trying to deconstruct this sentence to make sense, and I'm not having any luck. Are there important words missing in those ellipses?

I swear, if I'm ever elected Queen of the World, the FIRST thing I'm going to do to the American right is round them up and incarcerate them in Grammar and Spelling Camp. When they can write coherent sentences made up of correctly-spelled words (even if they have to rely on computer checks to do it), I'll let them go. At least the dialogue will be less headache-inducing.

Anonymous said...

Previous anon, agreed. That was my first reaction. Some political point mired in its own cognitive disonance.

Tootseye said...

I can't figure out what this means, either. Doesn't seem to take much to get rightwingers het up: toss out a few "read meat" words and whoopeeee, we're off and running in the feeling "attacked" and feeling "smug" sweepstakes.

Anonymous said...

Look up the words "illegal alien" and then you will wonder why the federal gov't wants to vote on it. Duh.

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