Fw: Fw: New Oil Mop


: FW: New Oil Mop

BP Engineers announce their new innovative mop design to be used to soak up oil spill 


cognitive dissident said...

This image is conclusive proof that there's NO RACISM WHATSOEVER among the Teabaggers!

Zeno said...

The subtle humor and sophisticated wit leaves me speechless!

Anonymous said...

and remember - if you call teabaggers out on their racism - you're a racist!

ferschitz said...

Beat me to it, last Anon post. Gee, I don't want to be thought of as a racist, so I'll just quietly go away and not point out how ugly and racist this is... NOT.

Racists... and typically not even slightly humorous.

gruaud said...

Gee whiz! It's a delicate time for a nascent
political movement...they are sending out
feelers and they need us to respond in order
to help them understand how the average
American feels about their issues. Jesus, it's
so hard but I have to try!

So let me make it clear to you guys:


Anonymous said...

OK, this is racist, but if you think every conservative Christian thinks this is funny, you are sadly mistaken. Christians are called upon to love all people and most do. God's love is not conditional on one's color but on a person's acceptance of the gift of salvation thru Jesus Christ. God will not allow sin of any kind in His presence unless a person is washed by the blood of Jesus on the cross. Conservatives generally believe in the sanctity of life (at the moment of conception, it is a person), and every person is created in GOD's image. Therefore if we make fun of a person because of his color we are sinning against GOD. We as Christians are to hate the sin, but to love the sinner and show them that does love them. Another misconception is that all conservatives follow Beck, Rush, etc., all coservatives have sheets hiding in their cupboards, all conservatives are money hungry capitalist, and warmongers. You are way off base, and I do mean way off base. Of course you will come back and say I am a big liar. That is your game. At least I don't call you names such as the ones you level at all right wingers. PS He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.

Anonymous said...

Here is a story by a writer for rightbias.com talking about racism.

Anonymous said...

Anon up there: Nobody said anything about Christians. Why do you bring them up?

And Anon above me: We're only having this discussion about racism because some people (and TV networks) believe a smear job on a black lady is proof that only minorities can be racist.

Anonymous said...

1) Nobody said anything about Christians


2) "Conservatives generally believe in the sanctity of life (at the moment of conception, it is a person)"

If conservatives believe so much in the "sanctity of life", then why do so many of them support stuff like wars of choice, the death penalty, environmentally-destructive practices, and demonization of illegal immigrants, while opposing social-service programs such as child nutrition, welfare, universal health care, aid to foreign nations with desperately poor populations, etc. etc., that would actually preserve the lives and well-being of EXISTING people?

While there may be some truly pro-life Christians who support the so-called "sanctity" of life ACTUALLY ALREADY HERE, they are overwhelmingly on the LEFT. Most so-called "pro-life" conservative Christians are nothing but fetus-fetishizers who don't actually give a flying crap about life once it's actually BORN.

The only thing the American Conservative and Republican parties are interested in "conserving" is the wealth of the already-rich - regardless of what they tell the idiots who vote for them.

Zeno said...

Methinks Anonymous Christian protests too much.

(And if a fertilized egg is a person, why does God abort so many of them? About one third are wiped away by natural causes, making God the greatest abortionist there is.)

ferschitz said...

To Anon Christian prior post:

No one here ever said that *every single conservative Christian* is, de facto, a racist who listens to Rush & Glenn. No one said that ever. Read thru the posts.

However, while you're reading thru the posts, take good notes on *how many* rightwing forwards there are that are racist. In this particular RWF, I don't notice anyone posting here - except for you - bringing up Christians at all. Instead, we are commenting on the very clear, very obvious, very offensive racism of this propoganda which is being sent out for the vast enjoyment of conservatives.

If you happen to be both Christian and conservative, but you find this offensive, then hey: guess what?? You have much in common with us dreaded liberals than you might think. I have to wonder why YOU want to villainize us liberals so much, when it's not liberals who are sending out crappy, racist emails. Nor has anyone here suggested that ALL Christians are racists, but certainly some ARE (including my family members, who I know well, and I know what they believe).

Wake up. If you're offended by this: great! But don't start lecturing liberals because of it. What's up with that? Get a clue.

Hooray4US said...

Agree with ferschitz, if the Christian Anon post person is offended by this racist email, sent to conservatives, then why are you lecturing us liberals?

Go speak with your conservative Christian friends (I'm sure you have many) about how you can be more effective in changing the hearts and minds of those Christians who DO listen to Rush and Glenn, and who ARE racists. That would be much more effective than lecturing progressives, who aren't racists.

katz said...

*Facepalm* How did abortion get into this?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon above Zeno
I knew you would try to change the focus of my comment. Since you brought up the idea that we are warmongers and don't care about life after birth and since the majority of Dems believe that abortion is acceptable. Let me give a few facts courtesy of Wikipedia. There have been 38+ million abortions between 1970 and 2005 which averages about 1.1 million per year. The total of all US casualties in all the wars is about 1.3 million (a little more than the annual average of all abortions). More people in the US have died this year from cold and flu symptons than US casualties in the Iraqi freedom. So when you really think about those numbers, doesn't it make you realize that you are barking up the wrong tree. At least the soldiers volunteered to fight to allow you and I the freedoms we and other nations have because of the "wars of choice". The aborted babies are not afforded any say in matters of "pro choice" which really should be called "pro death".

gruaud said...


A collection of cells attached to the wall of a uterus
is not a "baby". It's merely potential, lamebrain.
By your tortured thinking, every time someone
whacks off or has a period is committing murder.

Is it too much trouble to read a fucking book about

Anonymous said...

At least the soldiers volunteered to fight to allow you and I the freedoms we and other nations have because of the "wars of choice"

HA! Wars of choice don't increase our freedom one iota. They only thing they do is kill and maim a lot of innocent people, turn potential allies into enemies, and cost us enough money to give everyone in America good health care or send every kid to college.

As for abortion, which existed long before Roe, there's only one question you need to answer: how long? As in: If a woman ends her pregnancy, how long should she be sent to prison for? Answer me that, and then we can talk about what it really means to be "pro life".

The Standing Dragon said...

Heh. Anonymous-who-is-so-anti-abortion?

How many children have you adopted?

Marc with a C said...

"at the moment of conception, it is a person"

There is no "moment of conception." Conception is a long, drawn-out process wherein even the fertilization of an egg by that lucky individual sperm that makes it past the defenses and into the cookie jar can take hours. Not to mention the fact that once the egg is truly fertilized, it can take upwards of 72 hours for the egg to implant on the uterine wall, and even should that happen, there is a good chance that the egg will spontaneously self-abort for no apparent reason.

The moment-of-conception = personhood notion is tied to the limited understanding of biology present when the Catholic church (and subsequent churches in time) decided to reverse millenia of tradition and oppose abortion in the latter 19th century.

Anonymous said...

"The total of all US casualties in all the wars is about 1.3 million"

Because of course, only US battlefield casualties COUNT. Dead civilians, discharged soldiers who die from injuries, complications, or disorders incurred during the war don't count (nope, they are NOT counted in the casualties), people dead from lack of health care, brown people dead from disease and starvation and poverty all over the world - to hell with them! Hey, I guess they CHOSE to get injured in an unjustified war, or CHOSE to be poor and sick! Fuck 'em!

Clumps of cells that might turn into a person someday (provided they don't spontaneously abort, like fully one third of conceptions) - why, them we gotta protect!

Fuck the living humans! Protect the cells!

gruaud said...

No Republican president or Republican-controlled
congress or right wing dominated supreme court
will EVER overturn Roe v Wade.

Never happen, zygote worshippers.

Never. Fucking. Happen.

Quite simply, it is the greatest wedge issue ever
devised...designed to keep you tied up in knots
at the rest of the world.

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