Fw: Obamanomics Has Failed

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Anonymous said...

The WSJ editorializing from a conservative point of view? I'm shocked!

Anonymous said...

I love the answer advocated here: cut taxes and cut (non defense) spending. Just like Reagan did! So basically all we have to do is shovel even more money towards the rich while at the same time screwing over the poor, and somehow everything will turn out great!

Pity that Reagan's "recovery" wasn't as magical or fast as the author would have us believe. Nor was he the fiscal disciplinarian that Republicans want to call him (unless we are talking about screwing over the middle and lower classes).

Anonymous said...

For seven of eight years of Reagan's presidency, income tax rates were higher than they have ever been in any year since. And after he cut them lower in his last year, Bush the Sr. had to come in and raise them again.

Also infuriating is blaming "Obamanomics" for "short-term tax cuts" that were included specifically to win over Republicans.

What we really need is government that will demand corporations deal honestly with the American people, not a bunch of weak hogwash about giving big business even more gifts -- and that applies to both this article and the Administration.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how anyone could call Obama's attempt to rescue our economy from the pit that Bush & Republican economics dropped it into--Obamanomics. Obamanomics would be an economic plan for a normal economy. The idea of comparing this to the recession of the late 70's shows a complete misunderstanding of what our country was facing after Sept. 08. We were facing a full blown, world-wide depression. The ONLY solution to avoid a depression was the one Obama adopted. And there were no guarantees. If we get out of this with only a recession we will be very lucky indeed.

ferschitz said...

More crap.

No one thinks on the right. They just like their talking points so they can express their anger and rage in some weird way.

Bunch of pathetic ignorant fools.

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