Fw: Grreat T-shirt

This summarizes it very eloquently

Subject: Fw: Grreat T-shirt


CharlieE said...

I still can't get over the way millions of people who ignored the atrocities of the Bush administration are in a state of panic now that we have a moderate in the White House.

All the more so given Obama's Bush-like record on civil liberties.

gruaud said...

They're just doing what they're told, the lemmings.

Bebe 99 said...

Nice spokesmodel, Right Wing!

Marc with a C said...

If that shirt were a bumper sticker, the guy would be a Chevy Nova.

ferschitz said...

This cretin probably also ranted and raved about Tiger Woods bc he slept around on his lilly white wife.

Hypocritical, much??

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed he was able to get by TSA using his belt buckle as ID.

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