Fw: Governor of Mississippi

Governor of Mississippi

I just heard an interview on the news with the Mississippi Governor.  They asked the Governor how he feels about the way Obama is handling the oil spill.            
The Governor answered...  
   "Never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself".                            
Don't you just love Mississippi like I do?


Anonymous said...

This is what you want from your leaders? No constructive response, critical or otherwise, about how efforts are going to save the shoreline and economy of his state? Some half assed quip which shows you're either a callous stooge or a partisan hack, or both.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't love Mississippi like you do! Grow up!

Jeesh, some of these forwards have nothing intelligent to add or make anyone think for a moment.

Anonymous said...

Oh, there is environmental destruction happening on a scale that we can't even imagine and we're all being screwed by the oil companies, but hey - this might look bad for the opposing party in November! Whoo-hooo!

To say that these people are children is insulting to actual children.

ferschitz said...

Anyone who can venerate someone like Haley Barbour, whose state regularly comes out at the bottom of the list for almost everything (highest poverty levels, worst educational system, highest number of kids living under the poverty levels, etc) isn't firing on all pistons. Although we do see here how conservaties LOVE to see the less fortunate ground under by poverty, and "the man."

Agree with prior posts, though. More importantly is that conservatives would find it laudable that Barbour's main response to the worst environmental disaster to hit his state - resulting in many local MI businesses going under, amongst other issues - is to shout with glee that Obama's doing a crappy job at dealing with the disaster.

So, ok: if Barbour really belives that, then WHAT is his vaunted solution? I have no doubt that Barbour's been handsomely paid off by BP, so he got his, EFF the citizens of his state (and othe states).

Guess it's the Republican way: cheer and clap when the fat cats get rich and those who are already ground under with poverty, etc, get a further kick in the teeth.

Hooray for our side. Now eff you.

No solutions, just blame. Typical and typically unimpressive.

Tootseye said...

Note how this RWF calls Obama "the enemy." Why?

I never liked Bush, but I don't recall liberals calling him the "enemy" (we called him lots of things but not that).

Note how this RWF casually drops that term, thus having conservatives see Obama as an "enemy" out to do something "bad" to them personally.

Citizens can certainly discuss the quality of Obama's "work," and hopefully offer *constructive* criticism. But it's a real "tell" that this RWF calls Obama "the enemy." Talk about propoganda.

gruaud said...

You should read the cheers this generated at Free Republic.

Oh, Confederates, when will you
end this idiotic Civil War?

Marc with a C said...

Favoring partisan politics over the health and well-being of your own people.

Pretty much the textbook definition of treason, actually.

Anonymous said...

Right. Shrimp and fisherman and the earth are the enemy. Drill, baby, drill.

Bebe 99 said...

I initially didn't think that one was a real quote. What a stupid thing to say. I think its time the Republican Party comes up with their own flag and they can start pledging allegiance to whatever that flag might represent. I see a flag with piles of money, a cross, with elements of the confederate flag and Israeli flag, and they can sell space on the rest of it to corporate sponsors.

Anoner said...

So these people "just love Mississippi" because it's a racist state where poor people, esp minorities, are ground under and a cretinous corrupt governor runs around saying dumb stuff?

Tea Party: check, check, and check.

And oh hey: Sarah Palin tells us that the Tea Party isn't racist, so gosh, that must make it true. Just ignore these racist ignorant signs we're carrying.

Marc with a C said...

Also, it's a butchering of a quote by Napoleon.

Didn't know the Teahadists were such fans of the French.

Anonymous said...

Mississippi was one of the last strongholds against civil rights for AA. In the summer of 1964, MI citizens killed 3 students who came to register AA to vote.

So if conservatives wish to venerate MI for how "great" they and their governor is, let's just look at that state's history.

Make no mistake, MI is not a state to venerate.

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