FW: This is Truly Unbelievable...how much more can we take? Must read!!

Subject: FW: This is Truly Unbelievable...how much more can we take? Must read!!

Folks, I don't know what to say.......unbelievable!!  

This just might make your head explode or your hair catch fire!!!
This is fast becoming a new country to me, where the Constitution means nothing to elected officials. 
If you havent already, PLEASE, get your head out of the sand and be angry about this !!


gruaud said...

'Be angry, pretty please?'

Rules of 'Journalism' for the
Last 30 Years

Rule #1: The media must make
conservatives angry or frightened.

Rule #2: The media must always
marginalize the left even when
they're right so that they end
up demoralized.

Rule #3: Repeat endlessly.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how conservatives now stand up for one person = one vote. Usually its one (white, upper middle class, christian, republican) person = 1 vote, while anyone else is subject to challenge and disqualification.

Of course, they don't seem to mind when political divisions ensure that their voices are overrepresented, as is the case in the US Senate.

Zeno said...

What an outrage! Every Latino voter was given six votes to cast. Outrageous!

But so did every other voter. Every voter got six votes to cast as he or she saw fit. Somehow people kept overlooking that.

Everyone has exactly the same number of votes to cast. Sounds like a textbook definition of fairness.

Bebe 99 said...

I think RW media has been around long enough so that a study can be done to see if viewers health and longevity are affected by hysterical media. I can't imagine being as hyped up on outrageous misinformation as these people get EVERY DAY. It can't be healthy.

Ok let me play the hysteria game too...Some people say RW Media misinformation and hype is a neocon plot to increase sales of high blood pressure meds for drug companies. Some people say the target audience is disproportionately white people.

ferschitz said...

Notice how the rightwing propoganda comes with handy tips for *exactly how* to express outrage - head catching on fire - with a nice "please" to encourge these winguts to "be angry about this!!"

After all of these years of sending out incendiary, lying forwards ginned up solely to create outrage over nothing, one would think these losers don't need such "instructions" anymore. Don't wingers get angry just because???

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