Fw: "Green" Energy

My God,  Think of the polluted air quality in this area.   Did Obama get this company to set up a reserve for the possible damage? 

   YOU WILL NEVER SEE THESE IN THE NEWS!!!! Some days are better than others!!!!!! Not exactly an oil well blowout, but even "green" energy has its problems .

The Obama State Media Group will never cover things like this.............because they cannot blame George Bush!!!!!


ferschitz said...

What is the "Obama State Media Group"?? WTF?

I've seen plenty of media about mishaps like this wind mills of these types. There's loads of 'em in CA, and this kind of thing does happen.

And so... the point would be??? What? That some random accidents with wind mills, like these (which DO get reported in various media), are equivalent to the oil volcano in the Gulf of Mexico???

Seriously, how tone deaf can rightwingers be?? And how ignorant. Sure, "green energy" has "it's problems." Aaaannnddd you're point would be???? And now conservatives are worried about "polluted air"??? Pull the other one.

Turn off Fake "Nooz" and pick up your local newspaper, and you might read articles about accidents like this, fer gawd's sake. What's the big deal? Oh that's right! There is no big deal bc this is a RWF. Duh.

Anonymous said...

Not pictured: sea turtles and birds dying in droves. Livelihoods and ecosystems being destroyed. Fossil fuels being consumed. Arab dictators lining their pockets.

Typical false equivalency bullshit. This is like saying that since hybrids still use gas, they don't actually help anything, so we might as well all drive Hummers instead.

Anonymous said...

If this wasn't on the news where did all the photos come from? author of this email took them all themselves?

gruaud said...

"Some days are better than others!!!!!!"


What the hell do you put in your Koolaid?

Anoner said...

Wow. That's a fine crap load of propoganda they sent out this time. If no one knows about these accidents, then where did the photos come from? How dumb can you be (rhetorical question)?

Hooray4US said...

The "Obama State Media Group" IS refusing to report on these accidents... because such an organization doesn't exist.

Zeno said...

Oh, yeah! The last time an electrical fire destroyed a windmill in my county, the countryside was devastated for literally dozens of square feet! We didn't recover from the destruction for at least a couple of days, until they got a chance to clean up and haul away the debris. I still wake up screaming with nightmares from the horror of the event.

Random Neko said...

So whats the fallout of a typical windmill accident?

Just saying the typical oil well accident causes widespread destruction. Looks like the worst that windmill did was destroy a crop. While economically hard on the farmer it doesn't effect nearly as many lives. I would go as far as to say that 100+ windmills would not equal the economic fallout of one oil spill.

Tootseye said...

Where are the rightwing trolls defending propoganda like this??

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