Fw: Arizona



Picture taken this past Saturday in front of El Arroyo in Austin on 5th Street .  I repeat, this is Austin , the socialist capitol of the world!


Anonymous said...

Is this a caption contest? Here's my entry: "Local Moron poses with his sign"

Anonymous said...

Austin TX? I know its a blue city, but it sure ain't the socialist center of anything.

Part of me really wants Obama to go to Arizona and have some asshole like Sheriff Joe try to pull this "Papers please" bullshit on him, just to have Obama wave his birth certificate at him and give him the finger (before the secret service beat him to a pulp). A man can dream...

ferschitz said...

Duh. The reason why there's a sign like this in Austin, TX is to point out the racist nature of AZ SB 1070. The moran in the photo is a racist jerk. So whaddaya trying to point out here, rightwingers? That you're all racists.

And if Austin TX is the "socialist capital of the world," then I'll eat my hat. It is more progressive than almost anywhere else in TX: ohmigawd... run fer yer lives!! Sheesh.

gruaud said...

Arizona: the US experiment in Schutzstaffel.

Ok, so when they finally raise an armored
division called 'Der Wile E. Kojote Totenkopf',
people will finally draw the line here, right?


Hooray4US said...

Ok, gruaud, what did you drink before you came up with that one?? LOL... ;-)

Holz mal!

texaslib said...

El Arroyo makes fun of everyone/everything on their sign, so you can't make the argument that they actually believe this.
C'mon. They named themselves El Arroyo since their building is situated on top of a ditch. They clearly have senses of humor.

gruaud said...

I'm all for humor, but there are limits. Especially
nowadays. I find conservative "humor" to be
wildly offensive, at least 90 percent of the time.

If you're gonna dogpile with teabaggers, you're
gonna wake up with fleas.

So tough fucking shit.

Bill Clinton gave these dicks an inch and they
stole 20 miles. I despise Bill for NAFTA and
CAFTA, but I REALLY despise him for not
fighting back against the American Fascist
Party. And Gore, Kerry, and Obama have been
little better.

Hello? These are real BAD GUYS opposing you!
Stop fucking making nice with them.

katz said...

Socialist capital of the world, you lamebrain.

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