FWD: How true this is..................



Anonymous said...

Hold on. We're letting women read books and get jobs now?

Anonymous said...

Thats right kiddies. You're tax dollars are desperately needed to bailout reckless financial companies whose unchecked greed, shady practices, and non-existent ethics threaten to destroy our entire economy.

And lets not forget about the need to pay billions in subsidies to big agriculture and dole out hundreds of billions in corporate welfare for companies connected to the defense industry. Your tax dollars at work.

gruaud said...

We also have a one trillion dollar
war in Iraq started by a loser kid
who never did shit in school.

ferschitz said...

But but but... yer fergittin' Big Oil, who gave GIANT campaign donations to loads of politicians on both sides of the aisle. Wouldn't want to forget that Big Oil essentially pays NO taxes, gets lots of breaks, perks and lurks, including not having to follow any safety regs. Hey: a teeny little oil spillage in the Gulf? Why as el Lushbo sez: both oil and water are "natural," so no big deal!! If there's any problems in the Gulf, it's the Enviro-Nazi's fault!

Plus: Haliburton is great even when many oil rigs collapse due to their lousy crummy cementing procedures. Dick Cheney deserves all the filthy lucre his cloven hooves can gather.

But hey: teabaggers! Booga booga, the real problem is dirty messicans who do lousy at school!

Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket.

Dog forbid we should tax the obscenely weathly! Nope, corporate and oligarch welfare is the greatest! They deserve it morer.

PS have you ever seen anyone as blindingly WHITE!!! as this girl and lady in this photo? I think I need my sunglasses on.

Anonymous said...

Why, these pretty white people are right!

George Bush didn't do shit in school, but he still got to be president, and all of his freinds got rich off of our tax dollars!

katz said...

Yeah, I was getting white-supremacist overtones from this one too. That kid looks way too much like one of those Prussian Blue chicks.

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