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ferschitz said...

We've either seen this one or something like it. What is the point? That these "christianist" conservatives prefer scantily-clad women with their butt cracks showing whilst being driven around on loud, smelly, gas-guzzling machines... all the while being an accident waiting to happen (good luck to her if the cycle goes down). I guess it's amazing only insofar that some Republican man finds this titillating, rather than the usual under age boys that they seem to go for.

And then we have a photoshop of a dusky person who looks African - might be Muslim, but then again, might not be. Could be in? Africa? Caribbean? Middle East? South America? or for that matter, the good old USA?

And so here we have - GASP!!! - a dusky person riding a bike and someone photoshopped a goat onto his back?? Aaaannddd... the point would beeee? What? Don't think too long; not worth it. There is no point, other than to be crude, racist and sexist all at once, which could be called at three-fer.

Somehow, totally pathetic conservatives find this: a) "educational", b) insanely "funny," c) sniggeringly bigoted ha ha ha, d) juvenilely sexist ha ha ha or e) all of the above.

Thank goodness I'm not conservative is all I can say. Totally s*** for brains.

Marc with a C said...
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Marc with a C said...

Oh yeah, sure. America is a land full of beautiful women on motorbikes.

Perhaps we are missing acertain...je ne sais quoi?


Thx 4 Fish said...

Lol Marc with a C--

Apparently there are a multitude of funny motorcycle pics. So why did they choose the butt crack one? I just don't get their humor and I'm so glad I don't.

Hooray4US said...


Probably will like this one because of the butt crack value.

Unclear how this is about Muslims; quite a stretch. Does seem some are easily satisfied. I add that this post is more of a "quad-for" in that it is also about social class, whereby it appears that conservatives find it quite enligtening to look down on someone who appears to be poor.

Shame, really. Do they get that? Or just not care? Or revel in their rude condescension?

Anoner said...

Given the gushing oil in the Gulf of Mexico, I'd say the young man on a bicycle with a goat has the right idea. He might end up having the last laugh at us by having a simpler lifestyle. Whether he's Muslim or not seems beside the point. Those who mock what they don't really understand may have a rude awakening.

Anonymous said...

Why is this "Muslim" v. "USA"? What? Do righties not realize that we have Muslims citizens of the USA? Wow is this one ever stupid. And racist and sexist and arrogant and so on.

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