Fw: Gas Tax: The Left's Denial

From: American Solutions, Vince Haley
Sent: Thursday, May 20, 2010 4:45 PM

Subject: Gas Tax: The Left's Denial

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The Secular-Socialist Machine is so intent on expanding the reach of government that they are in denial about the new taxes they plan to impose.

Senator John Kerry, one of the chief advocates for the government take-over of the energy sector recently said of his energy tax bill, "There is no gas tax, never was a gas tax, will not be a gas tax, I don't know where that came from, but it is just wrong. Period."

If that wasn't clear enough, he went on to say, "There is no gas tax, we didn't contemplate a gas tax, there will not be a gas tax, the gas tax is 18.4 cents today and it will be that when this bill is passed."

If only those statements corresponded to reality.

A new study by Point Carbon shows that the Global Warming Bill authored by John Kerry (D-MA) and Joe Lieberman (I-CT) amounts to a new gasoline tax on American motorists. As The Hill newspaper reports:

Oil refiners would not participate in the trading system but would purchase allowances based on historic sales figures set aside each quarter. The companies would pass those costs onto consumers, resulting in the higher gas costs.
Even Senator Lindsey Graham, one of the bill's original sponsors, says that the fees "will be passed on" to consumers in the form of higher prices at the pump.

If Senator Kerry doesn't want to call the higher costs passed on to consumers because of his bill a gas tax, what would the Senator suggest we call these higher costs that arise as a direct result of his legislation?

The fact is that Senator Kerry's bill would introduce an entirely new tax system to America called "cap and trade", which in turn influences how large the gas tax would be from year to year.

The cap and trade tax system would tax energy, and the cap and trade tax system would be every bit as comprehensive and complex and subject to endless tax increases by future Congresses as our current income tax system has shown itself to be.

Cap and trade is not a one-time tax. It is a new system of taxation and will allow the Congress to expand endlessly into taxing every aspect of America's energy economy.

The Point Carbon study estimated this new energy tax will amount to $350 billion by 2020. But if a new cap and trade energy tax system passes this year, there is nothing to prevent a future Congress from increasing it next year, just as Congress is currently discussing increasing a whole array of new taxes.

The liberals in Congress continue to deny that they are trying to impose new taxes on energy, including taxes on gas, diesel, and other transportation fuels.

That's why we need you to tell your friends and family about the gas tax.


Vince Haley

P.S. Greece introduced a cap and trade energy tax system in 2005. The price of a gallon of gasoline in Greece is now approximately $7/gallon. Increasing the cost of energy in Greece has not worked out very well for the Greek economy, as the world has noted in recent weeks. The devastated Greek economy has also not been saved by so called "green jobs", which was one of the many promises made by supporters of European cap and trade tax system when it was first introduced. It seems that European elites failed to appreciate that for every "green job" that is created with taxpayer funding, there is a corresponding - and greater- loss of jobs that are destroyed by higher energy costs and exported elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

Oil Companies should be allowed to pollute as much as they want! Anything else is UnAmerican!

Anonymous said...

President Bush claimed that he never raised taxes. Yet all the wars and deficit spending he created will end up costing us trillions (or tens of trillions) when its all said and done. That money must be collected in the form of new taxes. Therefore, President Bush is part of a far right conspiracy to drown the American people in crushing taxes.

gruaud said...

These d-bags constantly spout off about the almighty Left in this country. The Left that never wins elections, had most of its unions shattered, has practically zero media outlets, and almost no political representation in congress outside of Bernie Sanders.

And, it turns out, was right all along about everything.

What a joke.

I'll tell ya what, Vince -- if I had my way, I'd
nationalize the SHIT out of the oil industry,
so STFU and count your blessings.

Marc with a C said...

I would love love LOVE to see the modern right's response to Huey Long's threat to send the national guard in to seize the Louisiana oilfields when the oil companies refused to pay a new 5 cent per barrel tax to pay for free school textbooks.

ferschitz said...

Rightwing think tank lies and bull $*** sent forth to brainwash the masses. Yeah, right. Whatever.

It's all a giant conspiracy on the left, and teh eevul liebruls blew up the New Horizon oil rig in a nefarious plot SIMPLY to raise taxes!!

Well just wait ya brainwashed losers. Bc of ersatz "trickle down" since zombie Reagan - and your willing compliance to go along with no taxation for the Oligarchs who run this country, including conservatarded serfs - the right has been ripping off Social Sec. to pay for their useless senseless wars that have made us more vulnerable to terrrrrists (rather than making us less vulnerable).

So, don't worry, be happy: you, too, can contribute all the money that YOU paid into Soc Sec to all those fat-cat richie rich CEOs that you feel ever so sorry for that you never ever want them to pay taxes for any reasons. Your wish will be granted!! Aren't you clever and lucky?? Way to go... numbskulls.

Hooray4US said...

even with all the short cuts taken by Big Oil with their rigs and stuff - and no oversight by the Bush cronies in MMS - oil production world-wide is HEAVILY subsidized by tax dollars, eps in the USA. It's called corporate welfare, fools.

The reason why US gas is so cheap in comparision to other countries is not because "god" smiles down on us in a special way. It's bc the US govt gives Big Oil loads and loads of tax breaks and subsidies to produce oil.

If prices have to go up: so be it. Wake up. This stuff ain't cheap to produce, and it's a finite resource, which means that it WILL run out some day. So get used to higher prices. Living in a fools paradise, where you think that you DESERVE cheap gas just because you vote Republican is called being just plain ignorant.

Snarla said...

I'm so in denial about taxes under President Obama that I think they are at their lowest level since 1950. http://www.usatoday.com/money/perfi/taxes/2010-05-10-taxes_N.htm

Anonymous said...

Musn't tax or regulate anything, lest all the jobs flee to foreign countries, where there is little taxation and no regulation. Must turn ourselves into a third-world paradise of toxic subsitence living! It's the American way.

Anonymous said...

Greece introduced a cap and trade energy tax system in 2005. The price of a gallon of gasoline in Greece is now approximately $7/gallon.

That actually sounds low for European gas prices. What was the price of gas in 2004 and 2005? How much was the price inflated by Greece's economic manipulation?

D-. Please do your research before making assertions.

Anonymous said...

pelosi's solution http://dailycaller.com/2010/05/15/pelosi-to-artists-quit-your-jobs-u-s-taxpayers-have-your-health-care/

Anonymous said...

Hey look everyone, a new troll. Who apparently can't understand simple ideas.

I wonder, anon, if Pelosi had said "small business entrepreneurs" instead of "artists" (which of course means free loading hippie fags), would you still be so against the suggestion? If so, why do you hate our small businesses? Why do you hate entrepreneurship?

katz said...

But...right now we're paying high gas prices...for no reason. If oil companies raised prices while still raking in high profits despite the bad economy, I guess I would call that, um...greediness?

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