Fw: Sign in Restroom

In the washroom at the airport
 I saw this handwritten sign
posted over one of those
hot air hand dryers:

"Please push button and listen
for a short message from the President!"

There's nothing 
 like "hot air" and the smell of 
fresh crap to give you that true Obama presence!!!!


ferschitz said...

Just like with the Bush Admin, except with W, you didn't even get the "hot air" bc he was too stupid to even do that. Plus W's crap smelled crappier (perhaps bc it was really Cheney's shit that we smelled? I imagine that Satan's shit smells the worst of all, don't you???).

Anonymous said...

I'm too busy cruising for republican congressmen with the secret knock.

Anoner said...

Is that foot tapping I hear, or do you just have a "wide stance" for me, Senator??

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