Fw: Conservative Woodstock

Subject: Conservative Woodstock

Here’s an important event that no one ever heard of. This may be a turning point in US history. I wonder why the mainstream media did not cover it fully!


Here’s another interesting event.



Marc with a C said...

Um I was in DC on 9/12/09. I can assure you that if there were over 1,000,000 conservatives in DC, I would have known it. The smell of Bengaye, Metamusil shakes, powdered Viagra shots, and old person farts would have been overpowering.

Not to mention the deafening sound of millions of snores around 3-4pm.

Anonymous said...

Goodness. A "conservative" woodstock. Just like the real one, except without the music, sex, drugs, or fun. Sounds like blast!

One thing which really makes me wonder is some of the signs which claim things like "Obama lied, Freedom died" or "Capitalism lied". I realize these are just cheap knockoffs of the very appropriate "Bush Lied, thousands died" slogan.

What I don't get is what they hell they are talking about. What did Obama "lie" about? And how has "freedom" or "capitalism" died? I know I'm barking up the crazy tree expecting logic from teabaggers, but I'm really curious to know what they would actually say if they were pressed on that issue.

Thx 4 Fish said...

I guess this email relies on the poor memory of its recipients. Fox News had all-day coverage of this- while other media covered it in a less over-blown way. Tea Partiers really WISH they were an oppressed group.

Anonymous said...

Was this the rally Fox faked and used stock footage?

gruaud said...

I thought the conservative Woodstock was when the cops beat the hell out of the hippies at the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago.

ferschitz said...

Hey gruaud: good one! And (really, honest) great minds think alike!
Either that or when the National Guard, you know, KILLED four students at Kent State. Seeing as most of these RWF's include lots of gun porn, I would imagine that the Kent State killings would rank right up there as one fine day for rightwingers!

If these videos are about the Fake Noise, Glenn Beck didn't attend, Koch Family industry sponsored, Dick Armey led, but yet "grass roots" 9/12 rally in Wash DC... yeah, they had what? Like 75,000 people turn out, which is actually a good turn-out. But yes, I believe that this is the rally where Fixed "Nooz" had some of their talking heads caught on tape inciting the assembled old white farts into chanting and cheering. So much for journalistic "integrity" and "objectivity." But that's Faux Noise for you.

Plus, if memory serves, a lot of this old farts really, really did bitch, moan and whine about the paucity of Metros to drag their sorry butts to the Mall... you know: that socialized public transportation system that these fine libertarians don't wish to pay for ever by their hard earned tax dollahs....

ho hum... FAKE "Noise", indeed.

Anonymous said...

CNN had cameras at the 9/12 rally in DC for the entire day and streaming on their site, even with snide old people ambling up, asking which network they were with, and telling them to "get a REAL job."

The best sign from their photo gallery is, "Who are the Commie Czars?" I'm betting nobody at those rallies understands why, though.

Zero Growth said...

File this under 'black person found at Tea Party'.

Anonymous said...

Pelosi has another hairbrained suggestion

Anonymous said...

Weak sauce, troll. Putting up the same stupid, easily defeated talking point in two different threads. Try harder or don't try at all.

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