Fwd: Wizard of Id


bendk said...

A government that takes care of me? Fuck that! I want to work and work and get several mortgages so I can never retire because this is America.

Also that's a terrible paint swap.

ferschitz said...

Meh. Stupid. That's not what happened, but it's the propoganda that the military-industrial complex, Big Ag, Big Health Care, Big Insurance, and the Banksters and Wall Street wish dumbed down Americans to believe.

Whatever. If you wish to vote against your own interests, that's your "right."

Crummy rendition of a stupid cartoon.

Anonymous said...

America is the best nation on earth! That's why we need to keep beating you; otherwise, you'd be too lazy to do anything.

Tootseye said...

So tired of conservatives painting progressives with this theme that we're all lazy and want everything for free without doing anything for it.

Quite simply: it's not true and never has been.

Meh: a dumb cartoon but annoying in perpetrating a big lie.

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