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How much more preposterous and ludicrous can it get?

From a friend whose sister works at the Kennedy Space Center.
Hi Friends:

Thought you all might like to know what the "visit" from the President to the workers at the Kennedy Space Center was really like. 
The day before the meeting,  a 747 landed and unloaded 6 limousines and a small army of his security staff. They drove 3 miles to the building where he would be, checked it out, then turned around and drove back and got into the 747 and left.  (Your tax dollars at work).  The meeting was held at one of the smallest buildings on KSC.  All the staff in this building were told to stay home and not come to work.  Then only 40 guests were invited to hear him speak. ALL DIGNITARIES AND VIPS AND NOT ONE, I REPEAT NOT ONE, WORKER FROM  ALL THOSE THAT WORK HANDS ON  AND ACTUALLY WITH THE SHUTTLE WERE INVITED. It was so staged and phony, it just makes my blood boil.  Then that man said he wants to land on an asteroid!!!!   Idiot.  Here he is giving the Space Station to the Russians who want to charge us 100 million dollars per seat to fly one of our astronauts to the Space Station.  Rumor now has it that the last mission also may be canceled.  We really feel so bad for the workers out there, some are still raising families and have bills to pay.  From the time his 747 landed to the speech given to the VIPS and return  to take off was about 90 minutes.  He was in a hurry to get to Miami where Gloria Estefan was having a rally for the Cubans and fund raising for Democrats.
So there you have it.  I will leave you with your own conclusions.  I sure have mine.


Anonymous said...

Then that man said he wants to land on an asteroid!!!! Idiot

Um, what? Why is this a bad goal?

Anonymous said...

Damn secret service, always doing their job protecting the President and such.

Anonymous said...

We really feel so bad for the workers out there, some are still raising families and have bills to pay.

All we here is complaints, complaints, complaints about how Obama spends money like toilet paper, and now he's getting shit for merely raising the budget of NASA and ensuring that these people still have jobs?

gruaud said...

Everything democrats do makes your blood boil,
sparky. That's how you were programmed.

So let's sum up:

Government is bad and taxes are bad but you feel
sorry for the workers at NASA because they may
lose their jobs. Their government jobs paid for
with taxpayer money.

Conservatives, do you notice all the little emotional
push-buttons in these forwards? Are you being
fooled or is it that you enjoy wallowing in outrage?

Anonymous said...

Conservatives are hilarious about NASA. It's one of those tiny niches from their childhoods where they allow themselves to dream, and it crashes headlong into their ideology of being the center of the Universe.

Frankly, given Obama's NASA funding increase of $6 billion, I think he's entitled to give a PR speech there (if that was even what happened, which I doubt).

ferschitz said...


The speech was on April 15, 2010. I have no idea if it was a hand-picked audience of VIPs only, but quite honestly, IF BHO had spoken to a giant audience of worker bees, then these self-same idiots would find some other thing to cringingly whine and cry about.

Per usual: written by a rightwing think tank to gin up fake outrage at every single thing any Dem does... anything!

Whatever... and as if similar secret service security details didn't do the exact same thing for Bush (and all other POTUSes), and frankly, Bush was WAY more likely to have hand-picked crowds at his events. Recall that if you had a Democratic friendly T shirt on, you weren't allowed in.

MEH... fake outrage for the phoney balonies on the rightwing. If they ever have substantive or constructive criticism to offer, I'll probably fall off of my chair.

Anoner said...

Gloria Estafan? Rally with the CUBANS to raise money for Democrats? WTF?

I have no idea what Gloria Estafan's politics are, but don't these dumbeff rightwing think tanks even know that most Miami Cubans are solidly REPUBLICAN???

Heh - wonder what Republican golden boy, Marco Rubio, would think of this.

The rightarded spin on this one is particularly stupid this time around.

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