Fw: Everyone's wish when Obama goes to arizona


gruaud said...

Frank Rich's column about this issue was excellent.


Anonymous said...

The hostility these forwards possess are highly disgusting.

Anonymous said...

You know what? In a way, this is my wish. Because in this scenario everyone could see just how racist and wrong this law is, while at the same time proving once and for all that birthers are an insane bunch of racist assholes.

If ever good could come from bad, this would be it.

ferschitz said...

Well, otoh, it could be sorta kinda funny IF (and only IF) it was sent to me by a leftie friend as way of sending up the racist law and ridiculous idiocy of the birthers. Given that it's sent out in earnest by fakely ginned up outrage like this... disgusting and totally stupid.

These people don't get. W takes away all of their rights to privacy with illegal wiretaps, and they're happy happy happy. Now AZ passes some kind of facist law, and they're even more deleriously happy.

Yet they call BHO a facist and paint Hitler's moustache on his photo??? Amazing how shockingly brainwashed they are.

Of course, I heard that this weekend, el Lushbo was claiming that the giant spilling of oil in the Gulf was "no big deal" bc both oil and water are "natural." And then Fatso Limpballs went on to decry the Eco-nazi's. See how it works?

Marc with a C said...

I'd like to see the same cartoon, only with the setting being Selma, Alabama. Would help remind us how little some things have changed.

Anonymous said...

Marc, you don't even want to see all the terrible conservative cartoons using the Rockwell painting of the black girl being escorted to school in Selma.

For example, check out Lester's cartoon for 10/22/09 (which I can't link to directly, it appears).

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