Fw: [Bulk] Finally we will all know where the problem started. Poor Obama.


Anonymous said...

Deflect much? How divorced from reality can you be?

Anonymous said...

Obama promised to end earmarks? He promised to prevent unemployment from rising above 8 percent? When?

Anonymous said...

Not closing Gitmo is Obama's fault? The huge budget deficit isn't a direct result of W's horrible tax cuts while also having two costly wars at the same time?

And your really going to fault him for not picking a Church? When the hell did he promise that, and what the fuck does it have to do with anything?

gruaud said...

If it's Chuck Green, it's a column bashing Obama.

But to the guy who wrote the title and forwarded:

You finally realize that things are bad, and you still
don't understand why, do you? And when you vote
in Republicans to finish the job they started and
they break your damned back...

You still won't understand.

ferschitz said...

Both parties are pretty crappy, and I'm very disappointed in a lot of decisions (or lack thereof) with the current Dem Admin. That said, I'm sick and tired of these fools blaming abso-effen-lutely everything either on BHO or the Dems, alone.

Therein lies the main problem.

I'm quite willing to call out what I see wrong with the current Admin, and I've sent letters to the editor, plus to congress reps, etc, expressing my views. I'm not some toady just bd BHO calls himself a Democrat. I will voice my dissent (or my praise) depending on what is accomplished, not on the political party of the incumbent.

Republics LOVE to sit around whining and complaining the live-long day when Dems are in power, but it mostly makes no sense bc they're just bitching bc it's a Democrat. Period.

And yes, this is totally stupid. BHO OWNS some things now, but certainly it's not his "fault" that the economy is crummy... sheesh! So stupid, so tiresome.

I wouldn't mind *constructive* criticism, but this toddler tantrum throwing is a waste of the space-time continuum.

Thx 4 Fish said...

I agree ferschitz this constant flow of criticism of any- and everything Obama is a sign of a Republican machine that has lost control. Hate-TV and Radio have created a monster which has marked Obama as the enemy. The reason for the attack is immaterial to the masses, they only require more and more of it. Between these RW forwards and the conserva-media, the actual Republican party has been consumed by its message bearers, all it can do now is get carried along by the current--hopefully toward a spectacular fall. The latest lurch toward Libertarian/Tea Party candidates will hopefully highlight how insane the current party has become.

Tootseye said...

Chuck Green is paid well to be a whore for the corporations which own our nation and our government. Spinning out a fable that it's all Obama's fault is just a way to distract the rightwing rubes with a "shiney object," rather than having an informed citizenry actually questioning what's really going on.

I agree with ferschitz, too. I wish the conservatives, tea party, libertarians, whatever, would go ahead and question this admin - but for the correct reasons, like WHY is BP "in charge" of the oil volcano??

Not this mealy-mouthed pandering to bigots and idiots. What. a. waste.

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