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gruaud said...

Stop projecting.

Seriously. just grow up and admit that you back the party that routinely shreds the Constitution whenever
it suits their aims.

Anonymous said...

Hold on here. They think OBAMA is the one infringing on the 4th Amendment? This same people who are super happy about the Arizona "show me your papers" law?

And how can Obama be destroying all our rights when at the same time he is apparently working so hard at giving them to all of our captured terrorist enemies? Wingnuts insist that he whenever we capture a terrorist Obama practically grants him instant citizenship and sends him a big fat welfare check. How do they square this with a belief that Obama hates the Bill of Rights?

I won't hold my breath waiting for an answer.

Anonymous said...

Pop quiz wingnuts: Name the rights protected by the bill of rights. I'm betting that most couldn't get more than 3, and even those wouldn't be correct.

We would have "freedom of religion", meaning we are free to worship whatever version of the Christian God we please.

"Right to bear arms" meaning we can all own unlimited guns and carry them into bars.

And they'll probably invoke the 10th Amendment, which in their mind means "Nah nah states don't have to do what the Federal gov tells them". Despite pesky things like the Supremacy Claus and the Civil War.

CharlieE said...

Obama can't eliminate the fourth amendment as it was already gone when he took office.

As for the second amendment, has anyone noticed that Obama has actually expanded gun laws?

Anonymous said...

@ CharlieE

But don't you see! That's just a part of his secret plot to take away all guns!

1) Expand Gun Laws
4)Take away all guns

Its so simple wake up you Sheeple!

Bebe 99 said...

Keith Olbermann did a presentation of the bill of rights a few years back crossing off the ones that Bush had already taken away--8 of them--leaving guns and non-quartering of troops. They've got Obama crossing off the 4th amendment tho he has not made any move to change any gun laws. Scary to think that a lot of people who own guns are so easily confused by propaganda.

ferschitz said...

A lot of gun owners have been easily duped by the gun and ammo industry (I'm serious) into buying tons of guns and ammo in a down economy, based on a bunch of crap projection by conservative bigots. The gun and ammo industry is, quite seriously, LAUGHING all the way to the bank. Idiots.

These fools wouldn't have clue what is in the Bill of Rights. They just listen to the corporate whores - Rush, etc - and mindlessly parrot out whatever they hear.

Anoner said...

And yet more distraction from the real issues facing our nation. Conservatives certainly don't want their constituents to be informed about real issues; rather they are easily misled and distracted by bull s---. With all the problems facing our nation right now, this is useless pandering and time wasting.

Anonymous said...

The funniest part is where Obama has apparently added a note to the Sixth Amendment (right to a speedy trial): "(terrorists) freedom fighters, too"

...then added to the Eighth Amendment (no excessive bail or cruel and unusual punishment): "except for domestic terrorists."

Well, which is it?

katz said...

Yyyyeah, the gun rights thing is why I don't take these people seriously. Can't you wait until Obama has done *at least one* thing about gun control?

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