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From: John 
Marines put  their  bodies in front  of  Afghan civilians during a firefight to protect them...Taliban use civilians as a human shields..Col. J

From: Kent Subject: Honor
There are good guys and bad guys. There is evil and good. We are in a war against evil not just some poor misguided fools.

Marines doing what Marines do.

Semper Fi


gruaud said...

That's very noble but it doesn't justify why we are
sacrificing our soldiers and spending billions of
dollars on an annual basis.

Over 4000 soldiers have died in Iraq. Over 2000
soldiers have died in Afghanistan. We invaded
seven years and a trillion dollars ago.

For what?

Anonymous said...

From what I understand from my right winger friends, they fundamentally believe that we are in Iraq fighting the terrorists so that they will not come over here. To go down the path of reasoning with them by likening terrorists to cockroaches -- they are everywhere and there are many more than we know--That perhaps there may be a more effective way to disable terrorists cells, etc., leads to many more email forwards and arguments concerning patriotism, supporting our troops, etc.....They honestly do believe that we should go anywhere with our military force EXCEPT HERE to keep the terrorists out!
There is NO reasoning with them.

ferschitz said...

Agree with both guraud and 1st Anon post. Seeing blatant propoganda, like this sign, is sickening - not to diss the troops, of course. But what a waste. The wars are being fought solely and only to enrich the 1% running the war machine, which includes BigOil, amongst other villans. Anyone who believes it's about fighting trrrrists is being duped.

I like Anon's cockroach analogy; quite true. They're everywhere. We're going to end up bankrupted even more, just like the former soviet union. What a waste of lives, but someone's making buckets of $$$$, make no mistake.

gruaud said...

The irritating thing is that a
trillion dollars could not only
have upgraded/repaired infrastructure (causing jobs),
revitalize public education,
enhanced social security,
make health care a right and
not the privelege of the rich,
facilitated scientific research
into alternative energy, et
fucking cetera.

But, no, a few greedy bastards
wanted to line their pockets
at the country's expense.

History books will point to
these damned wars as the turning point for the US's sharp decline.

Anonymous said...

So where does "shooting children in a van a mile away with a helicopter because they stopped to help people dying in the street" fit into this human shields analogy?

katz said...

Yeah, I was wondering about that one too. Bit harder to put on a motivational poster captioned "Honor."

Unknown said...

I just did this with your honor poster. I hope it's OK with you.

Thanks for creating the poster.

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