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Richard - I have come to the conclusion that the elite in Government and their underlings have a Radical and silent agenda to destroy the foundations of America without bombs or external attacks and they appear to be doing a very good job at fighting a silent war that one day Americans will wake up to and discover it's nearly too late! Looking at what is happening this seems to be the only explanation that makes logical sense to me. The taking over of Corporations, the growing unemployment rate, the over taxation, etc. is not/has never worked to make our country better, or for that matter any country as far as I can see. But be of good cheer I read the back of the bible and God is in control and will win in the end. Blessings Father (name removed)

Just thought you might be interested in seeing what a priest friend of mine says about the current administration and what is happening to "YOUR" country!


Anonymous said...

It's called punctuation. Try it sometime.

Emma said...

So the priest LIED when he said he read the bible?

Anonymous said...

The only Bibles I know of with "backs to read" are the pop market versions. If this is honestly what American priests are reading, it is no wonder the Vatican is closing so many American Catholic churches.

(Funny how the RW only seems to care about the opinions of Catholics when they happen to agree...)

Anonymous said...

hmmm, is this one of the many pederast priests that the Roman Catholic church is spending gobs of money to pay off people who were victimized by them?

I really put my faith & trust in them. They never lie... much.

Anonymous said...

By "back," he means the Book of Revelation, which means he's just waiting it out for Jesus/the four horsemen/the Apocalypse to show up and whisk away all true believes to Heaven while the Earth burns in hellfire. Even as a Christian, it's always seemed like a grim attitude to me.

I'm curious about "the over taxation," though. Most people are getting a small tax break at the moment;, even if it's not particularly well-advised. Are priests really that well-paid?

Anonymous said...

Ah, he means the same back of the Bible where Reverend Lovejoy from The Simpsons claims Matthew 7:1 is located and where Homer states the permission for gambling occurs. Okay.

I think that is giving the priest a bit too much credit though. Looking through 10 pages of Google search results, he appears to be in a group of two who refer to the Book of Revelation as the "back" of the Bible (and the other guy, writing on Yahoo! Answers helpfully clarifies that Revelation is the "very back"). Otherwise, everyone is referring to the actual back cover, the supplemental material (appendices, indices, blank pages for notes), or other books of the Bible that fall near the end.

My point above was (and remains) that I am highly skeptical that a seminary graduate would refer to a specific book of the Bible in such a vague and counter-intuitive way. That an actual priest would call the Book of Revelation the "back" is about as likely as a literary scholar referring to Humbert Humbert's death as the "back" of Lolita or the death of nearly all members of Denmark's court as the "back" of Hamlet.

Revelation is hardly the only book in the Bible with the message "God is in control and will win in the end," it is just as likely (if we choose to believe the veracity of the claim) that the priest was referencing the New Testament in its entirety or some sort of Biblical scholarship included in an appendix that "summed up" the Bible's message. This is why a real expert/scholar would never ever use this term.

CMcD said...

I received a copy of this RWF before someone removed the name. Apparently it's an excerpt from a weekly column in "The Vatican Enquirer," written by someone named Guido Sarducci.

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