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This four minute comment by Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R, 6th Dist. Minn.) underscores the horrific corruption that inevitably develops when government has too much power over business. The economy becomes based on poltical favoritism. Bribes and secret political dealings then become a way of life. Columnist Michael Barone has called this "gangster government." I can think of a few third world countries where this is common. We ought not to be imitating them. It does not lead to prosperity or freedom.

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This is something every American needs to hear.



Anonymous said...

Michele Bachmann sure underscores what's wrong with our political system. That is, that she can get elected at all.

Regarding this particular speech, though, the administration is taking some pretty bold action in shoring up GM and brokering bank consolidations, but apparently Rep. Bachmann would prefer that all dealerships shut down when the car companies naturally fail the way they should in a free market.

Cutting off so many dealerships is terrible for local businesses, but does she believe the result would be any better if the government weren't pushing a warp-speed bankruptcy reorganization through the courts?

P.S. Again with the "czars are indomitable political juggernauts!" talk.

Anonymous said...

I read as far as "Michelle Bachmann" before knowning this was a waste of time.

Celia said...

Not watching the video, but...Michelle Bachmann, she crazy lady.

gruaud said...

Bachmann is a fascist lunatic.

Nick said...

Hhhmmmm. I lurves me some crazee.

Anonymous said...

There's just.. this tic in my head that goes off when I hear the word "bachmann" and "speech" in a sentence that makes me shut down physically and listen silently to the wailing of a thousand tortured souls. Sure, you guys be entertained by the crazy.. I'll sit here.. and listen..

Snarla said...

I wasn't willing to listen to the link. Can anybody give us a rundown on what insane paranoia Michelle Bachman spewed, and then give us a guess at what lesson rightwingers think we're supposed to learn from it?
Just a few words would do it. Thanks.

Marc with a C said...

I couldn't get past the first minute or so.

Basically, the wicked witch of the north complains that GM "guhvernment moeturs" is being used to reward
"democrat" constituents and not conservative ones, by having dealerships shut down when they belong to conservatives and kept open when owned by liberals.

Oh, and the kicker is that the house is quite clearly deserted as she's making her speech.

Anonymous said...

Hey Snarla: it's totally irrelevant what Bachman was "saying" on this YouTube. Bachman is batshit insane, and her ravings make Bible Spice's "speech" on July 3 (wasn't that a jaw dropper?) sound erudite and intelligent by comparison.

Whatever Bachman is baying at the moon about in this video is, uh, kind of beside the point. Sort of like walking past an insane asylum during the full moon... howling nonsense.

Sadly, howling nonsense seems to be what wingtards like to hear. I don't get it myself, but sadly, that seems to be what they enjoy.

Dave said...

Bachmann is a shining example of representative democracy. Like it or not, she perfectly represents her district.

As a Minnesota Democrat, I just kick back, enjoy the crazy and stay the hell away from the Minneapolis Exurbs.

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