Fw: THE Birth Certificate...FINALLY !!!!

The Birth Certificate - FINALLY!

NOW IT'S OFFICIAL! After spending $950,000
on attorneys to fend off releasing ANYTHING
to prove he is a citizen of USA

Obama recently released his Hawaii birth certificate
......and I hope, once and for all the matter will be
dropped and I will not have five or six emails each
day from all you ultra-right-wingers with a different
conspiracy angle...
He was elected as our President and we need to get
over the fact we lost... !! So please stop stirring up
things and trying to discredit him with all these stupid
and groundless rumors.....
Attached is a copy of his birth certificate
and I hope this will put the matter to rest
once and for all!



Anonymous said...

You've got nothing, losers.

You were wrong in the past, you are wrong now, and you will always be wrong.

Too bad for the country you don't comprehend that.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, what a razor sharp wit! I'm so laughing my @ss off... NOT!

As per usual: wake me when the rightards finally grow a real sense of humor.

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