FW: Happy Independence Day

Some warm and comfy thoughts for this independence day.

Remember fly your flag, because you can do it!


Marlowe said...


Above: the penis of the guy who sent this.

Emma said...

I'm all for gun ownership with proper legal and safety precautions, but this is just gun worship.

It's sick.

Celia said...

I was just going to say: definitely compensating for something. And I'm sure I'm not just saying that because I'm a Brit.

Also, my time spent lurking the Something Awful forums (no account - no credit card) means I've picked up "trigger discipline!" even without once setting mouse in the gun forum. Several of those gun-holding people are behaving irresponsibly with their fingers on the triggers there.

katz said...

Wow, this one just keeps going.

Anonymous said...

Look out! It's some kids and minorities! And they're breaking into... someone else's house! Better go gun them down! Bonus points for shooting them in the back while you're on the phone with 911.

Anonymous said...

I own a handgun and practice once a month.

But this is just NRA fellatio.

Marc with a C said...

Um...I'm in private security, have a masters' in criminal justice, am a gun owner, and about to become a county police officer.

What the hell does a sheriff's deputy need a .50 cal sniper rifle for? Are the gangbangers lo-riding in armored cars now?

Follow-up: Also, anyone else notice that every single person in these pics is white? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Demotivationals: I need the joke explained for me

Nick said...

Remember [to] shoot yourself . . . because you can do it!!

Dr. Psycho said...

You know, that one with the caption, "Diversity, let's celebrate it" could have been funny -- if it showed a variety of weapons.

As it is, I can only interpret it as an invitation to respond to someone's celebration of diversity by shooting them.

Another possible interpretation: the caption was originally attached to a photo of someone's collection of assorted guns, and some moron recreated the poster without understanding it.

Hibryd said...

RW email: "Killing people we don't like is totally awesome! Red jelly! Iraqi's photos! Shoot them through walls! Ha ha ha! Kill em all!"

RW talking point: "Don't you realize terrorists want to kill us? That makes them evil!"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posts (above). I had to scroll thru this quickly.

It appears to be as disgusting as I feared.

I don't mind people owning guns, except when I see stuff as disturbing as this. It is really irresponsible, and certainly makes these people look like very sick puppies who should never have a gun license.

This sort of perverted sexual fantasy masquerading as some kind of 2d amendment right thing really undermines the arguments of these sorts of people, even tho they wouldn't see it that way.

PS to Marc: stay safe out there. I fear for the PD with these types running around there going crazy w/their guns.

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