Fwd: 3 New Bumper Stickers


Anonymous said...

I think I'll need to buy a new SUV to fit those on my bumper.

Probably an updated prescription for my contacts, too.

Anonymous said...

I really hope Al Qaeda has better luck getting health care reform passed.

Anonymous said...

Some rightwingtard on Sean Hannity's show recently said that he hoped Al Qaeda attacked the USA soon and killed a lot of people bc it was the "only way" that the US would "wake up" to how horrid the NObama admin is (or words to that effect).

I wish I could find the video of it, but Keith Olberman also referenced it on his show a couple of weeks ago.

So I hope all wingtards put this bumper sticker on their gas guzzling giant SUVS:

I want Al Qaeda to attack us!

Hibryd said...

Anon - It was actually Glenn Beck's show. Should be all over YouTube.

This birth certificate thing makes my head hurt. You have to be willfully stupid to think no birth certificate exists. If I ever see this on a car I'm going to ask the driver why he thinks the Republican governor of Hawaii would lie about its existence.

And I'd also like to know why the hell is it not acceptable to apologize for your country. Earth to conservatives: governments can make bad, stupid decisions, ours included. We are not the country equivalent of Jesus.

If these people were at a restaurant, and a bratty kid dumped spaghetti on them, and the kid's mother responded with "Real parents don't apologize for their children", they'd go apeshit about the lack of responsibility in the world today.

Anonymous said...

The take down of the birthers last night on Daily Show was spot on. HI says they have the certificate, there were birth announcements in the paper at the time, and all sorts of other evidence. I guess if you're a conspiracy theorist, that doesn't prove anything, but Stewart pointing out that the Birthers were disproven on Lou Dobbs own show a few days before (while Lou was out at a Minuteman meeting or something) and then have him rev it up again when he was back was hysterical.

Anonymous said...

The idiot birthers keep claiming that the elec. birth cert. in HI is "fake," and NObama could "put it all to rest" if only he'd show them some sort of notarized paper document that was hand written w/a quill or something.

HI has said endlessly that they destroyed all of the paper records some time ago in order to have digitized only docs.

Birthers claim (falsely) that NObama has paid "lots of money" to lawyers to "avoid" having to show the paper cert. This all bunk.

If you ever wanna have a laugh or roll your eyes, you can read these nutcases comments; they're all over the place. It's all about how the newspaper announcements are "easily proven fakes" even tho I've never seen one account that "easily proves" they are fakes (just the claims). And I have only seen the newspapers, themselves, endorsing that they are NOT fakes.

These stooges are just racists & sore losers, and rightwing media is deliberately encouraging their assininity in the name of distracting us from real issues of the day, such as health care reform and the like.

Whilst it's amusing to laugh at those baying at the moon, it's also very, very annoying at how irresponsible this is. I'm so sick and tired of right wing lunatic hysteria over nothing, and their selfish self-entitlement.

Snarla said...

Michael Scheuer is the rightard you're thinking of on the Glenn Beck show. Patriotic American, that one.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the right are like impudent children. Do they actually remember 9/11? Most of us (as polls show) put aside our distrust of W and gave him a period of carte blanche to take down AQ by virtually any means necessary. Of course, be incapable of doing anything right, W failed at that task.

I wonder how the right would react to another attack? Would they get behind Obama and support him in seeking the evil-doers? Or would they start an Internet campaign about how he was the "20th bomber" or that he should resign or whatever. I'm going with B.

Like it or not, eventually, there will be some attack in the U.S. Maybe it will be Islamic-based or maybe it will be McVeigh-style right wing nut job. While whatever is still smoldering, Rush and Beck will be out in front "I told you so, I told you so". They are so patriotic, aren't they.

Maybe that's the difference between the right and the left. The left wants what is best for the country even if it personally disadvantageous. The right wants what is best for them personally, even if its bad for the country.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it will be Islamic-based or maybe it will be McVeigh-style right wing nut job.

We're up to six deaths this year that can be traced directly back to prompting by Fox News pundits, and the total in the right-wing extremist category is at least ten.

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