Fw: Classic

This is going to be a "CLASSIC"

Sign in Shafer Minnesota - Spreading the wealth around

For you city slickers,
this is a manure spreader.
(For you 'enviros', it is an "organic waste recycling applicator" for "sustainable" agriculture practices)
P.S. This was the only implement John Deere ever made
that they would not stand behind!


Anonymous said...

So... wealth is cow crap? Wealth is a bad thing now? So when rich people wine about their wealth being taxed they are actually delusional and want to hold onto crap?

Or maybe wealth is good because it helps things grow when you spread it around? So that would make Obamas plan a good thing.

As for John Deere "not standing behind" this thing, WTF does that have to do with anything? They made a lousy product and that's some indictment of Obama?

Marlowe said...


Zymo09 said...

Classic, alright.

Classically stupid.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight....

Farmers, who we all know are "Real Americans"(TM), salt-of-the-earth, generally Republican (unless they're organic farmers, I guess), heartland types of people, use manure spreaders to spread manure, which acts as a fertilizer and enables their crops to grow, so they can harvest the bounty and sell them and feed others while making money.

So, Obama is therefore spreading the wealth around, which will enable the economy to grow, so that we can all enjoy the bounty...no, wait, that's wrong! A DEMOCRAT is doing something, so it's BAD!

This analogy-as-insult MAKES NO SENSE from any perspective whatsoever....except maybe the "I'm so dumb I don't understand that manure used in farming is a positive practice that causes growth" perspective.

And I wonder how John Deere public relations feels about the yuk-yuk insult to one of their products. (It spread manure, so they won't stand BEHIND it, get it?) Because manure spreaders are just a big JOKE, see?

So which side really has NO CLUE how farming (never mind the economy) actually works?

Dr. Psycho said...

Remember, these are the same people who say, "Global warming is caused by methane gas -- like [tee hee] COW FARTS!"

Which is sort of like saying, "Cholera is spread by [snicker] drinking water full of POO-POO!"

Or, "AIDS is spread by [nudge-nudge] DOIN' IT!"

Oh, wait, that last was the official policy of the Reagan administration, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...


BTW, you bloggers here should go out and see the documentary "Food Inc." It has almost nothing to do with this fail of a "joke," but it does have to do with big Agribusiness and how get what we eat each day.

Very informative and never boring. Highly recommended.

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