Fw: Fwd: The real reason oil is $130 a barrel.

This guy gets it right!!!!!!! This will make you sick. Time for a voter/citizen revolt.

The real reason oil is $130 a barrel.

Where you see Democrats, be sure to also read Republicans. Neither
party did anything nor did the presidential leadership of either party.

Bill Hall's take on 'who is responsible.'

IBD Series: Breaking The Back Of High Oil


' For the past 31 years, Congress repeatedly prevented us from
building any new oil refineries that we now badly need.

' More recently, congressional Democrats defeated and discouraged
any bill that would let us drill in the deep sea 100 miles out.
However, it's somehow OK for China to drill there.

' As a further indictment of our Congress, since the 1980s it has
continually stopped all building of nuclear power plants while
France, Germany and, yes, Japan, plus 12 other major nations, did
build plants and now get 20% to 80% of their energy from their wise
and safe nuclear plant investments.

' From 1990 to 2000, U.S. crude oil demand rapidly accelerated by
7.41 quadrillion BTUs, according to Department of Energy data. And
our rate of foreign oil dependency dramatically increased while our
domestic oil production steadily declined.

Under the eight Clinton years alone, U.S. oil production declined
1,349,000 barrels per day, or 19%, while our foreign imports
increased 3,574,000 barrels per day, or 45%.

During this time, President Clinton vetoed ANWR drilling bills that
would have clearly made Alaska our No. 1 state in the production of our
own vitally needed oil supply, not only for all Americans but also
for national defense emergencies.

So were Democrats and members of Congress together merely
short-sighted, with only a few having any real business experience?

Or were they just ignorant about economics the fact that the law of
supply and demand determines the price of all commodities such as
oil, steel, copper and lumber?

Or were they simply and utterly irresponsible and incompetent in
their actions that led us to become dangerously dependent on
increasing oil imports from foreign countries?

We think it was 'all of the above.'

The unintended consequence of the Congress members' poor judgment
and meddling micromanagement of U.S. energy policy is that they actually
hurt most the very people they always profess to be able to help the
average American consumer, lower-income workers and those in the
inner city who can't afford an extra $100 a month to drive to and from
their jobs.

Democrats kowtowed to the wishes of their environmental supporters
over the basic needs of 300 million American citizens.

It is a national disgrace that all they now know how to do is
relentlessly criticize, complain and condemn. They always attempt
to blame, investigate and scapegoat someone else, in this case U.S.
oil companies, when Congress is the true villain of ineptness for
constantly blocking and obstructing every effort for us to become more
productive and less dependent on foreign oil.

Do those now in Congress really think Middle America's voters are
so gullible that they will believe that its latest best and brightest
answer to increasing our supply of oil and gas is to slap a 25% windfall
penalty tax on oil companies and remove all other incentives for
oil companies to drill and explore for oil?

The right time to release oil from, or stop adding to, our
Strategic Petroleum Reserve is not now. That will do nothing to
increase our ongoing oil supply needs and will have limited affect
on oil prices while increasing our national security risks.

Only after we first announce to the world a bold new change in our
policy by proclaiming that we intend to begin drilling in ANWR and
selected outer sea areas, plus adopt new conservation programs,
will the release of oil from our reserves have a major impact on breaking the price
of oil.

If our congressional leadership can't muster the courage to begin
reversing past mistakes now and allow our companies to drill in
ANWR and off-limits offshore areas, and build essential refineries and
safe nuclear power plants, what will an even-more-discredited Congress
do in 2009, 2010 and 2011, when millions of new city dwellers in China
and India will be driving the cars their countries are now producing, thereby
materially increasing their already huge demand for oil and gas?

It's wake-up time for America. Maybe we should investigate the
blame-throwing investigators in Congress.


Anonymous said...

And now oil's $65 a barrel.

Economics and oil speculation has absolutely nothing to do with suddenly soaring oil prices; it's purely because oil companies can't drill everywhere they want. Which is in the United States, since they're definitely not sitting on thousands of acres of untapped land already.

Anonymous said...

This: "From 1990 to 2000, U.S. crude oil demand rapidly accelerated by
7.41 quadrillion BTUs, according to Department of Energy data."

We can do something about this. The Republicans are almost universally against doing anything about this. If we could fix this, there would be no need for any of the domestic production measures (even if the claims that they are to blame were true) recited in this e-mail.

Funny how the party of personal responsibility places blame on Congress and not on their actions which caused this increased demand.

Finally, in response to "Do those now in Congress really think Middle America's voters are
so gullible...?" If Middle America voters believe RWFs, then yes, Congress probably does consider them gullible. They might even go so far as to consider them stupid.

Anonymous said...

GAH: there simply is not that much oil in ANWR, and it won't make hardly any difference to our reserves even if we could drillbabydrill it all out of there, plus there WOULD be tons of ecological damage no matter what Bible Spice claims.

BHO is right that we need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels which are FINITE no matter how much & where we drill, and we will remain dependent on the Bin Sauds of the world as long as we refuse to change our ways.

Does Congress think most Americans are stupid? Duh: is the pope Catholic? Witness Repubican congress folk this week ENCOURAGING dumbo conservatards to keep complaining about BHO's alleged lack of birth certificate, but what takes the cake is Rethugs encouraging idiots to believe that the Health Care initiative includes "killng seniors."

And the Congress folks are not stupid themselves, but they are being paid lots & lots & lots of money to promulgate this b.s. but Big Oil, Big Insurance, Big Pharma and so on.

So, yes, these righwingtards are truly stupid, and one begins to despair of how endlessly they carry on with this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

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