FW: Presidential Limo

Who knew Obama rides in two custom presidential limos?! Thanks to MRWD fan Wally for sending us the evidence in a forward. -m

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Anonymous said...

Hi-larious wingnut humor: is it more puerile or more racist?

Anonymous said...

You'd think they would have gotten over the fact that the President is black already.

This sort of thing is just not clever. It's too easy.

Anonymous said...

To answer the first post: the repukes are competing with one another to show who can exhibit the greatest amount of racism coupled with the lowest amount of "maturity" possible... oh, and who can be the dumbest, stoopidest person in the world.

This particular photo, as obnoxious as it is, really does not come close to winning that competition.

BrianX said...

See, here's how you know it's fake. For one thing, the body of the car is too high off the ground -- no way for the occupants to get in and out with any sort of dignity. Second, the Secret Service would be stupid to allow spinners on the Presidential limo -- next thing you know Nick Sarkozy would be wanting lowered springs, and then Medvedev would get a spoiler, and pretty soon we'd have a Rice Gap. Third, the wheels are a different resolution from the car; GM would never allow such a badly-Photoshopped vehicle on the road. And finally, it was created by a racist moron, so it's not very funny.

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