FW: The Bailout Mascot

Subject: FW: The Bailout Mascot

Gotta laugh when you read the truth.

The Bailout Mascot


CMcD said...

Wait, there's nothing in there about a "stimulus plan" ??? If you wingnuts are going to pump a metaphor for all it's worth [sorry] you'll have to do better than this! FAIL.

Anonymous said...

Uh, I think they were looking in the mirror when they wrote this stooopid thing. Really. To whom does this more apply? I'd say it's the pricks in the repukelican party... they are the ones who have been doing this for the past several decades, esp the statement: "gives you a sense of security while your actually being screwed." sheesh

Kip W said...

Destroys a generation, protects pricks, false sense of security... I've seen this mascot before. Isn't it called "Condi"?

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