FW: Born Again American

From one of my RWD letter-to-the-editor writers. They send a lot of this stuff to me at the newspaper because we just don’t know the truth here at the Citizen-Times. -dave

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This is awesome.  It makes me feel good just passing it on to you.  Click on the link and ENJOY.



I hope you can all listen to this.  I can't imagine the work it took to pull this off.  It is great.


Alan said...

Um, I'm British and therefore don't know anything, but I didn't think Norman Lear was a right wing dad.

Kip W said...

2/23/09: Yeah, it's kind of long and not in my favorite idiom, but all I see in that is a plea for citizen involvement that includes some people I don't think of as particularly rightwing.

I listened for what seemed like about five minutes, and it still wasn't over, so maybe I missed the part where Rush Limbaugh jumps out of a cake.

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