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"Oh, the mouth-breathing right-wing troglodytes are going to have a ball spewing their racist filth for the next eight years..." - Micah

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The term "Nigger Rigged" is no longer acceptable
effective immediately.

It will now be referred to as a "Presidential

Thank You,
The United States Government


Anonymous said...

I didn't realise that was ever acceptable. Perhaps I'm just the wrong nationality, or something.

Anonymous said...

Again, what is it about bigots that makes them not only obnoxiously hateful but also totally boring? I *guess* racists think this kind of spew is uproariously hilarious or something.

To the rest of us (those of us who use our brains once in a while), it is not only offensive but just plain DULL.

Come up with something funny, ya nitwits, and then we can talk...

Anonymous said...

Dear right-wing dad,
I know that the world can seem like a scary and confusing place at times and that humor can help us to cope with uncomfortable subject matter. You claim that you've moved past "that whole racism conspiracy" that the liberal media and democrats have perpetrated. So progressive regarding race are you that you can make little jokes involving DESTRUCTIVE RACIAL EPITHETS. To what end? Is it merely for amusement, or are they used in conversation to identify other like minded free-thinkers such as yourself? I wonder if you remember when I was a boy and you told me something was "afro-engineered." When I later asked mom what it meant, I remember feeling ashamed of myself for how I laughed along with you, seeking your sick approval. I was going to try to keep this somewhat civilized, but screw it. Only one word can desribe a person who says the things you've said. Coward. When even your ditto-head wife has to tell you that you are embarrassing, maybe you should listen.

A concerned son

Anonymous said...


Marc with a C said...

How 'bout we start calling it "Pulling a Steele" instead?

And the GOP wonders why it has a problem attracting minorities.

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