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Hee-haw meets Minnesota. -dave

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Sign in Shafer Minnesota -- Share the wealth :)

Thought you'd get a kick out of this one!


Anonymous said...

Obama, all things aside, beats this dude's ammonia fertilizer. Spread some of that shit around, and we're all sick and anemic.

(Speaking from Wisconsin and embarrassed for my supposedly enlightened upper midwestern brothers).

Anonymous said...

So, I assume that farmer's not getting subsidies? Because if he's taking my urban tax dollars to prop up his lifestyle, that's apparently socialism now.

Fun fact 1: Fruit and vegetable growers get one half of one percent of all farm subsidies. So I guess California farms are the *real* self-sufficient rugged individualists.

Fun fact 2: A progressive tax system is not socialism. Please, look up socialism some time.

Anonymous said...

If these people are so hating on the spending/stimulus act, then here's a suggestion:

1. Don't take any of the money that is being handed out (tax rebates, etc)

2. Don't take any of the jobs that are created because of it.

3. Don't accept any reduction in taxes that are available because of it.

Quite simple really. I'm sure it's possible to "opt out" of the spending/stimulus act, if you really don't want it.

These people don't get that it's their life decisions that speak far louder than their stupid signs and swastikas and such.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right. Can we opt out of your silly "progressive" tax system too?
Ummm, and I missed the swastikas -- were they at the inauguration with our national socialists?

SJT said...

Sure thing, anon, opt out all you want. We'll be sure to opt out of providing you with any and all social services, legal and military protection, use of our infrastructure, etc. Then everyone will be happy.

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