ferschitz said...

So why wasn't Fatso Limbaugh providing this diagram about 8 years ago during the Admin of GW Bush, when Republicans were running UP their credit card debt???

Nice one: excellent example of how the highly paid mouthpiece water carriers for the mega-rich operate. Limbaugh trots out this piece of sh*t garbage to gin up the credulous conservatives to *distract* them. Let's all point our fingers at the "N" word in the White House.

What is happening is a CLASS WAR. It's about the upper 2% against the rest of us, no matter how we vote and/or how much we watch/listen to Rush Limbaugh.

Get over it. Wake up and smell the coffee. This is a waste of time. Getting your jollies by whining about liberals isn't going to save you hide.

Most T-Partiers have much more in common with ME, than they do with their mega-rich overlords, who ain't gonna toss you a scrap or bone when you're down & out.

PS Comparing the US federal budget to a household budget is ridiculous, a waste of time and bloody poor analogy, by the way. It's another ruse to dupe the credulous.

CharlieE said...

He forgot to include taking a pay cut as part of the solution to repay the debt.

Ken said...

The Federal Budget is NOT like a Household Budget – Here’s Why


Mr_Creosote said...

Yeah, but of course in typical neocon fashion, they can't see the floursscent orange 2000 lb elephant in the room in the form of military spending. Bring that up and they suddenly turn into "stimulus hawks" and freak out about lost jobs in the defense industry...the government spending on which, has a negative multiplier effect of like .6 per dollar spent. They have no problem letting our domestic infrastructure and industrial base erode out of fears of "soshulism" though.

Can't believe I used to listen....even like, that douchebag years and years ago.

gruaud said...

This is why normal people NEVER take conservatrds seriously on anything.

You always hypocrite.

You always lie.

You're always wrong.

Throw me a bone here; when were you right about anything?

WWII: wrong
McCarthyism: wrong
Segregation: wrong
Women's Rights: wrong
Gay Rights: wrong
Iran/Contra: wrong
Freedom of Religion: wrong
Globalization: wrong
Deregulation: wrong
Environment: wrong
Aid to the Taliban and Al Qaeda: wrong
Osama determined to strike US: wrong
Afghanistan: right, and then quite wrong
Iraq: wrong
No-bid contracts to Halliburton: piggy wrong
Torture: revealed as monsters
Tax Cuts For Rich: greedy, bootlicking wrong
Anything to do with Science: profoundly wrong
Spying on Americans: wrong
Katrina: incredibly, horribly wrong
Obama's choice of mustard: childishly wrong
Social Security: wrong
Debt Crisis vs Jobs: wrong

You're always wrong fiscally and you're always wrong socially. My god, is it any wonder why you want to put the rest of us in prison?

Anonymous said...

Huh, there's a problem with the copy of the image on this page. Somehow it cut off the part where the family refuses to pay their bills because no harm will come from defaulting on their debts.

Soar Ashold said...

Well this is such a handy chart for retards. So really, the 'washingtons' can simply cut their way out of this? So if they cut $16K out of their budget they need to live on $22K. Of course that assumes that they will not have to actually pay their debt off. If they want to pay off their debts they would have to lower their expenditures even more.

Say 50% to $11K/year. That's some pretty high living right there. Not to mention that at $11K being applied to their debt, it will take an additional 15 years to pay it down.

Or the Washingtons would most likely have to take another job. Or in the Gov's case...raise taxes.

Logic escapes the conservatards. So apparently does basic math.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, we could maybe pay off the debt, or at least reduce it if we nationalize the oil industry maybe?

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