FW: The Arabs are not happy...

Posted by an anonymous person who reads newspapers every day.

The Arabs are not happy!!!
·        They are not happy  in Gaza.
·        They are not happy  in the West Bank.
·        They are not happy  in Jerusalem.
·        They are not happy  in Israel.
·        They are not happy  in Egypt.
·        They are not happy  in Libya.
·        They are not happy  in Algeria.
·        They are not happy  in Tunis.
·        They are not happy  in Morocco.
·        They are not happy  in Yemen.
·        They are not happy  in Iraq.
·        They are not happy  in Afghanistan. 
·        They are not happy  in Syria.
·        They are not happy  in Lebanon.
·        They are not happy  in Sudan.
·        They are not happy  in Jordan.
·        They are not happy  in Iran.

Where are the Arabs happy?
·        They are happy  in Britain.
·        They are happy  in France.
·        They are happy  in Italy.
·        They are happy  in Germany.
·        They are happy  in Sweden.
·        They are happy  in Holland.
·        They are happy  in Belgium.
·        They are happy  in Norway.
·        They are happy  in the U.S.A.
·        They are happy  in Romania.
·        They are happy  in Hungary.
*          They are happy in Canada. 

They are happy in any other country in the world that is not under Muslim rule.
And whom do they blame?
·      Not Islam.
·      Not their leadership.
·      Not themselves.

But the same countries in which they are happy to live. Democracy is really good for them :
In a democracy  they can live comfortably at the taxpayers expense, enjoy the high quality of life which they did not build and work for, they don’t have to be productive and earn a living, they can be wild, pray in the streets, openly plot and preach against the "West", exploit social services  and bite  the hand that feeds them.

The conclusion: by the time the free world wakes up, it will be too late .....


Anonymous said...

Check me on this: Is this e-mail saying that Arabs in Israel aren't under democratic rule?

Anonymous said...

Also Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, etc.

And w.r.t. the various riots recently in the Middle East-ish region, I guess only Muslims were complaining? I thought it was all citizens, but this anonymous newspaper reader (what stunning credentials) knows better.

Anonymous said...

So the scary, scary Moooooozlins are happy here, especially since they apparently don't have to work and live off of Shariahfare, secretly implemented by our secretly Moooooozlin overlord. But they want to destroy the country and remake it in the mold of the theocratic dictatorships that their fellow scary Moooooozlins are rising up against. Makes sense to me!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that most of the places that they supposedly "aren't happy" are run by oppressive governments which exist either with western support.

I also like how their rebelling against these governments is called out as a supposedly bad thing. I bet in 1776 a similar sentiment existed about those spoiled no good colonists being unhappy despite being blessed to live in the mighty British Empire.

In a democracy they can live comfortably at the taxpayers expense, enjoy the high quality of life which they did not build and work for, they don’t have to be productive and earn a living, they can be wild, pray in the streets, openly plot and preach against the "West", exploit social services and bite the hand that feeds them.

What a fucking disgusting sentiment. Seriously? So all muslims are automatically free loading jihadists? Fuck you, asshole!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and not all muslims are Arab, and not all arabs are muslim, and not all people in any of these countries is either muslim or Arab.

Hibryd said...

Plus, the majority of Iranians would not be pleased to be described as "Arab".

Thx 4 Fish said...

A newspaper reader-maybe, more likely a Limbaugh-Beck listener, who doesn't get out much. One who is equally afraid of the imminent take over of the USA by Illegal immigrants or atheists or elitists. Paranoid scapegoating can now be considered an American institution.

Anonymous said...

Those Libyans on the TV right now look pretty happy.

ferschitz said...

Load of crap and written by a rightwing think tank, not some "average citizen" who "read a newspaper" (as if newspapers really provide reliable information anyway). Reliably bigoted and reliably FALSE crapulous nonsense.

Pretends that Muslims left the ME because they hated being under Islamic rule. This may or may not be true and is a gross generalization, which signifies nothing.

As others have pointed out, not everyone in the ME is a Muslim, not every Muslim is an Arab, and not all Arabs are Muslim. A lot of the citizens protesting in the ME are not Muslims. Egypt, in particular, has a very diverse population. The younger generation in Egypt (to just pick one country) protested against Mubarick bc he was a tyrant and a dictator, who had stolen vast fortunes from Egyptian citizens, keeping them and their economy down.

Frankly, younger British citizens protested (in a less organized way) recently in the UK for similar reasons. The economy is bad in England, and the disparity between the upper 2% there and the rest of the citizens is growing. The younger generation is underemployed and has few prospects.

The same was true in Egypt. It had nothing to do with Islam or the Muslim religion.

Plus it's beyond offensive to suggest that Muslims leave their "homelands" simply to become "freeloaders" in Europe or the USA. What a load of crap. I know quite a few practising Muslims in the USA & in Europe, and they AlL have jobs, pay their taxes, and contribute to society at a large.

A racist screed sent out as disinformation to gin up bigotry and hatred amongst credulous white people. Plus it's also disinformation about the economic situations which have led to protests in the ME. The wealthy in America don't want poor whites to "get ideas" from what's been happening in the Middle East.

Wake up, sheeple.

Jessica Lynn said...

But it says he reads the newspaper everyday.

Jesus, I wish that there was a way to delete every email that forwards this.

Anonymous said...

their are millions unhappy americans and europeans and their are millions of happy muslims and arabs in their countries.relative theory of Einstein.

Anonymous said...

the writer of this artikle is big lier and grazy to write some rubbish things

Anonymous said...

Their are millions unhappy christians in this world

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