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Sounds reasonable to me.  The new Democratic way of thinking.
May be more truth than fiction..


Anonymous said...

The debt ceiling isn't supposed to fix the Congress-approved budget's spending problems. That's what the budget is for. Not raising the debt limit is more like pouring sugar in the gas tank to make sure we don't drive too fast.

But hey, given how well drastic austerity measures have gone in Greece and the rest of Europe for the past year, I can't imagine why we wouldn't want to follow in their steps!

Anonymous said...

The new Democratic way of thinking.

Interesting, considering the vote was bi-partisan and the debt ceiling has been raise over 100 times in the past, including many times under Republican administrations. How exactly is this a "new Democratic" idea?

The only thing "new" this time was that the psychos in the Tea Party decided to scare the living shit out of the entire world by threatening a default and pretending it wouldn't matter. The result was higher interest rates paid by the government (essentially a tax increase) and a debt default which threw the market into a wild roller coaster ride. Thanks very much for that, assholes.

ferschitz said...

"The new Democratic way of thinking"

Well well if that's not rightwing propoganda, then I don't know what is.

The Debt Ceiling was raised 5 times under GW Bush. Do the Tea Partiers KNOW this? Do they care? Probably: No and No.

Let's just get listen to Fox "Nooz" (which this cartoon definitely captures - 2 vacuous "talking heads" spouting LIES) and get our knickers in a knot about so-called "Democrats."

Here's a clue, rightwingers: there is NO difference between "Republicans" and "Democrats" these days. Politicians from either party are only serving the needs of the super rich, and here's another clue: you ain't rich, so they're not serving your needs.

Try buying a clue the next time.

gruaud said...

Not quite true, ferschitz.

Democrats are now moderate Republicans.

And Republicans are now...well, I think it's pretty obvious these days, isn't it?

ferschitz said...

Ok, gruaud, I can sort of go along with that, but as you know, my premise is that "both parties" are only working for the super rich, and not for the likes of you, me or the Tea Party voters.

Just saying...

gruaud said...

I agree. The last 30 years have been a vicious class war, with the so-called culture war as a major, idiotic distraction.

Of course, teabaggers go after anything shiny, time and time again.

Anonymous said...

That would be if we could now drink more alcohol and drive competently.

Sounds like a good idea.

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