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The Dept of Defense briefed the President this morning…


Anonymous said...

START treaty.... Done.

Osama bin Laden... dead.

Lybian revolution... finished, without a single American Casualty.

Yup, he sure doesn't know what he's doing.

Padre Mickey said...

Ya beat me to it, Anonymous (if that's your REAL name)!

He also nudged Mubark out of office without one U.S. casualty.

I guess the rightwingers are only happy when we boot thousands of boots on the ground so they can come home in flag-draped caskets.

Thx 4 Fish said...

Also, thanks to Obama's lack of swaggering cowboy bravado the rest of the world hates us less too.

A joke needs to have at least a kernel of truth to it for humor to succeed. This right-wing fantasy is simply a humor fail--merely a silly transference of the c-student intellect of Bush the lesser.

ferschitz said...

As many here know, I'm a far-left progressive who is not enamored with Obama. But "jokes" like this cartoon are developed by rightwing think-tanks to continue fooling most citizens that there's some kind of major difference between the so-called "two" political parties. This dupes citizens into voting against their own interests and/or not really paying attention to what's going on.

In my opinion, Obama is just carrying forward the foreign policies of GW Bush (eg, Dick Cheney & Henry Kissinger), so IF conservatives think Obama needs to read "Foreign Policy for Dummies," then so did their "savior" who had a hotline to SkyDaddy, GW Bush.

Obama continues War, Inc, at a stunning pace, which most conservatives profess to love. So why are they now complaining?

With no disrepect intended to people who've posted prior to me, I would question whether there were no US casualties in Libya, plus I abhor the use of USA drones used to kill the innocent in Libya and elsewhere - and costing all US citizen billion$$$ per DAY in order to KILL brown skinned people.

But yes: allegedly Obama "got" Osama, and conservatives must be reliably ginned up by rightwing think tanks to get "mad" at Obama for some other reason.

Marc with a C said...

This can't really be a conservative cartoon. There's no buckets of chikinz and watermelonz on the tabele.

gruaud said...

Hey contards, Obama likes 'funny' mustard.

That's all you know about foreign policy besides blowing shit up.

Anonymous said...

The fact that he can even identify the leaders of other countries is a huge step up from the last guy. Didn't W once refer to a foreign leader as "that guy"?

Anonymous #1, you may want to hold off on the victory parade in Libya for a bit and watch the end game first (although that's no fault of Obama's...)

Unknown said...

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