FW: Earthquake

Subject: FW: Earthquake

No, Obama says it was Bush’s Fault.

Subject: Earthquake - best quote

Subject: Earthquake - best quote

Scientists have determined the earthquake affecting WashingtonD.C. today was caused by the Founding Fathers

simultaneously rolling over in their graves...


Anonymous said...

They must have heard that this country is thinking about electing Bachmann to be President.

Anonymous said...

Asshole who posted that left off the rest of the 'joke,' which was "because they noticed that there was a slave in the White House."

gruud said...

Pretty sure the Founding Fathers would recoil in horror at what conservative thought has been reduced to.

"The US government is the enemy, along with everybody else in the world not 'white anglo-saxon protestant'. And rich people are, doggone it, just better than the rest of us, because they inherited shitloads of money."

Now THAT is an ideology.

CharlieE said...

Here's a better one.

The Republicans wanted an earthquake that measured 5.5 on the Richter scale; Democrats wanted one that measured 3.5.

Obama compromised at 5.8.

Anonymous said...

Not that anyone cares, but for the record, not a single "Founding Father" is actually buried in Washington DC. Three are buried in different parts of Virginia, the others in New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.

(I just point that out because where the FF's are actually buried is one of those kinds of little, factual things that never seem to matter in these forwards, despite the professed "patriotism" of the senders.)

ferschitz said...

To Charlie E: now that's a good one!

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