Fw: Dear Mr. President

Subject: Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

I heard you say you will not guarantee SS checks if the debt ceiling isn't raised. 
Why is it the scare always has to do with SS, Medicare, & our Soldiers pay? 
Why not stop your pay, your staff, or Congress and the Senate to save more money for our country? 
Why use Seniors, Soldiers, & our Needy as examples? 
Take the money from those who take no risks and reap the benefits!! Repost if you agree
Instead of threatening to withhold Social Security, VA and disability payments of people who really need the money....
Lets hold the paychecks of all house & senate members, then see how fast they resolve the debt ceiling crisis !!!!! 
If you agree repost this & keep it going across the whole USA .


Anonymous said...

Why not stop your pay, your staff, or Congress and the Senate to save more money for our country?

Those things would have also been cut. But that doesn't solve anything. You could cut them all and the government could save about .0000000001 percent of its annual operating budget.

Lets hold the paychecks of all house & senate members, then see how fast they resolve the debt ceiling crisis !!!!!

Most are independently wealthy, and the only money they really care about is campaign contributions for the next election cycle. Fail.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so never mind that the politics of this is all wrong.

Can these people really not even do simple estimates? Do they really not realize that the number of "house and senate members" is less than a thousand people, and even throwing in their staff and the white house staff members, you're still talking next to nothing, in terms of number of people and amount of money spent? While the number of people receiving SS and disability and military pay is in the millions and millins of people? Do they really have that little grasp of scale?

This is the kind of understanding a child should have.

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of people who pass this stuff along are ignorant a small number know it’s wrong but pass it on believing some how there helping there cause. These people are stupid.

Stupid is forever, ignorance can be fixed.

ferschitz said...

Since when did conservatives ever give a stuff about the "Needy"? I call b.s. on this one. Almost everything that comes from conservatives is bitching and moaning about the needy, as well as what they love to call "entitlement" programs.

Well suck on this, ya bitches. Guess what? Both political parties (not that there is any difference between the "two") are going to rip off YOUR and MY hard-earned Soc Sec and Medicare savings. But you conservatives have been so hell-bent on being *distracted* by hating on "liberals," that you sold the farm to the upper 2%.

Get ready to enjoy the fact that the upper 2% are ripping you off, along with all of us dreaded commie liberals.

Frankly, though, just for the sake of principal, I would love to cease paying the salaries + platinum-plated benefits of every single one of those skeevy lying bastards in Dee Cee. Agree that it's a piddling amount from the overall budget, but speaking for myself, I'd love to see it happen.

Don't forget that Freshman Tea Party Rep, Andy Harris, called the waaaaaaahmbulance when he found out that his platinum-plated health care benefits didn't kick in until his 2d month in office:


Hypocritical, much???

Oh well, it's OK if you're Tea Party to be a hypocrit with double standards. Two for me, none for you, is the slogan.

I think if our "elected" pols got their salaries & benefits cut, some of 'em might commence to whining and crying.... and my bet is that the T-GOPers would whine & cry the loudest.

gruaud said...

Well, jimminy jillikers, if we default on the debt ceiling, Medicare/Medicaid and SS payments go tits up because it's the LAW.

And all of these groups....

Red states requiring federal aid
retirees waiting on Social Security
the sickly needing Medicare/Medicaid
our armed forces
students getting by on PELL Grants
businesses getting an IRS refund
The unemployed
and even defense contractors

...would get bupkis.

That the GOP even dared to play at such brinksmanship is outrageous and wildly irresponsible, but even more galling is that Obama played along and trimmed billions off essential social programs for the disenfranchised.

But, thanks again, billionaires who are wringing the snot out of the rest of us. You guys rule.

Anonymous said...

billions off essential social programs for the disenfranchised

Ah yes. Essential Social Programs like 'cellphones'.


Yeah, forget food for the poor. Give the "poor" cell phones Progressives!

Thank God for 1913 The Universal Service Fund.

gruaud said...

The OMG cell phones!!! trope comes up again?

Five points, Captain Kindler-Gentler:

1) Enacted by the Bush administration

2) The cell phones are provided to people for emergency services, to make medical appointments and things like that

3) you only qualify if you are at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines; and 135% of shit ain't exactly shinola

4) Here's the CFR entry:

5) So who told you this is a bad thing? Rush? Hannity? Glenn 'Loony Tunes' Beck?

"Cause you sure didn't read the actual law.

blaney said...

WHAT?? Teh poorz are getting cell phones? Commies! Slackers! I feel so ripped off!

What about giant subsidies to Big Agriculture, to Big Oil, to Big Mining? To "small business" types like the insanely wealthy Koch brothers, who fund the Tea Party???

I'd much rather get my panties in a bunch about some poor people (who, you know, probably have brown skins & practice the wrong religion) getting a $30 cell phone because that's just outrageous!!!!


Anonymous said...

Note that the entire premise of the e-mail is false. If the debt ceiling had been hit, payments of Federal salaries would have *had* to stop, just like in a shutdown.

Anonymous said...

The Bipartisan Policy Center did a nice, understandable report on what would happen if the debt limit wasn't raised.

In short, it might be illegal for Treasury to prioritize payments in any way other than "first come, first serve." So, sorry, anonymous senior who is probably a right-wing spammer, but when the U.S. refuses to pay its bills, it has to refuse to pay them without prejudice.

Thx 4 Fish said...

You wonder, at what point will all those angry Tea Party seniors dependent on Medicare and SS realize that they've been had by the Tea Party who used their racism to manipulate them into voting for those whose fondest wish is to take away Not just food stamps, but THEIR 'entitlements'? What will it take for them to realize they've been 'Koched'?

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