Fw: The Lord's Prayer - awesome

When you think you;ve heard it all, something this beautiful comes along!  Do look/listen, it'll be worth a few minutes of your time...sending with love. (Scroll down to the bottom past the notes..then click and enjoy) 
  The Lord's Prayer 

The music is the  Lord's prayer  with words "being" written as you watch. Then  
they tumble and start all over again, ending with ll Chronicles, and a quote  
from  President Ronald Reagan . 

If you are not interested, then just hit the "delete button.." But you will  
be missing a unique opportunity to settle your heart and concentrate on the  
ONLY one who can change this nation after he has heard our repentance and  
plea for mercy. 

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Anonymous said...

Warning: don't click that link unless you want vomit all over your keyboard.

Anonymous said...

We've seen this one once before.

I'll start taking Reagan and the other politicians appealing for God's blessing seriously when they start remembering Jesus' teachings:

Love your neighbor as yourself.
Forgive others their sins, so that you too may be forgiven.
Helping the needy is the same as helping Jesus himself.
No one is without sin, so don't be too hasty to condemn others.

ferschitz said...

I didn't look at the link, but almost none of those who call themselves "Christians" these days, esp politicians and rightwing think tanks that post this junk, ever follow the real teachings of Jesus, under any circumstances.

Go to most churches these days, and you'll mostly get scripture from the Old Testament, not the New. There's a reason for that. Jesus would be considered a heretic in today's world, and his teachings are an anethma to how citizens are taught to think, believe and behave.

Padre Mickey said...

There is no way I'm clicking THAT link! I can't imagine how a quote from Ronald Reagan would have any relevance to the Lord's Prayer.

Actually, they should call it the Disciples' Prayer, since Jesus taught it to the disciples to use.

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