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Anonymous said...

Scary that the crap that gets sent around by right wingers has actually inspired people to violence. So easily debunked, so wrong, and yet so powerful to those who refuse to educate themselves.

Lets hope that there are no other groups succeed in similar violent plans.

Thx 4 Fish said...

I hope everyone will share this article with your RWDs. All those who forward emails without regard to their truthfulness (or the mental capacity of the recipient) need to read the article. I too received the email about HR 1388 from my RWD and I'm sure it is in the archives. The right wing needs to hear that they are promoting domestic terrorism with their lies. They need to hear it over and over again, everyday.

ferschitz said...

To Bebe - I hear you and agree. Sadly rightwingers will listen to you (not really hear) and go immediately into denial and then find some convoluted way to blame you (as teh dreaded leftist, who is completely totally utterly 100million percent soley and only responsible for every single ill in this world now and for all times present past and future amen, thus rendering all conservatives morally spiritually financially physically pure and blameless as innocent lambs), as we have witnessed some rightwing posters who come here and somehow manage to blame us for being racist.

I find it awfully difficult, at best, to communicate meanifully with conservatives.

But: I agree with you. It's not great how they pump out the language of hate and violence endlessly.

me said...

ferschitz I call you guys bigots because you are.
When I have defended the emails on here? I haven't, I'm just pointing out the humor in a site that purports to expose bigoted taking a bigoted stance.

me said...

Oh yeah, almost forgot
ferschitz said "I find it awfully difficult, at best, to communicate meanifully with conservatives."

So you want to meaningfully communicate with a conservative, when you go into the conversation with the stance that the conservative is a racist bigot & who uses code words (so what he/she says doesn't matter, what you think he/she is thinking matters)?
HMMMM, I wonder why its so hard to have a conversation with a person under those circumstances?

Anonymous said...

@ Me

Could you play the victim card (or the irony card) any more? Its really lame.

Calling a bigot a bigot does not make the caller a bigot.

As for the racial undertones and code words in American politics, they do exist. They have always existed, and they will continue to exist for as long as I can foresee. You can choose to ignore facts that make up the very nature of our political discourse, but your ignorance doesn't make you right. It just makes you pathetic.

me said...

Calling a bigot a bigot does not make the caller a bigot.
However, calling all (or most) conservatives/republicans bigots because of these emails does make you a bigot.

Anonymous said...

@ Me

Not if most conservatives are bigots!

I'm not saying they are, because that's not true. But there is a pretty good overlap of people who's primary political motivation is racial and people who are conservative and vote Republican. Its a subset of conservatives. This is a fact.

me said...

Thanks Anon, I don't know why I find the stupidity of people's bigotry so funny, but man this site keeps on giving.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why I find the stupidity of people's bigotry so funny,

Possible answers:

1) you don't know what bigotry actually is
2) you're ignorant of basic political realities
3) you're ignorant of basic American history

4) all of the above

I'm going with 4. Anyone else have any ideas?

katz said...

Thanks Anon, I don't know why I find the stupidity of people's bigotry so funny, but man this site keeps on giving."

Repeating my comment from last week:

me's (my?) last post is a beautiful characterization of someone who's trying to pretend that he's amused and not frothingly angry. If he were fictional, I'd say "Well done!"

me said...

So conservatives must be angry now. Sweet thanks for the info katz.

by the way, I must admit, when I've been on here pointing out, among other things, the bigotry and hypocrisy of the people here knowing what conservatives really mean, as opposed to what they say. Well you saying the above is just......AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So conservatives must be angry now

They seem to be stating that as fact. Many of these right wing forwards explicitly say so. Teabaggers boast proudly of their anger and how its been awakened. This isn't even subtext, its plain as day.

I understand that you seem to lack the ability to understand subtext, and so we can only take things at absolute face value. In your mind, if someone never explicitly says they feel a certain way, then you can't infer their meaning, no matter how obvious it may be. But in the case of anger, they are saying it, loudly and often.

ferschitz said...

To me said: speaking strictly for myself, I do NOT call ALL conservatives bigoted or racists. Nearly all of my family and numerous friends and work colleagues are conservative. SOME of my family members are definitely racists, and they would tell YOU that to your face. Others are not racist. so it goes.

However, the vast majority of RWFs that we've been seeing this year here at this site (and elsewhere) have been bigoted and racist. You can choose to see them in a different light or claim that they are "humorous." But racist they are. I think that you get confused, though, and then interpret what I'm writing as saying that ALL conservatives are, by definition, racist. No, that's not what I am saying. But if a RWF here is racist: then it's racist. If you choose not to see it that way, then... whatever.

I agree with others here in that it seems to me that you are into playing the victim card and saying that, by virtue of calling out the truth as we see it, we are somehow victimizing conservatives. Well, if a RWF is racist, that is what is so. Deal with it.

Enough. I doubt my message will get through, but me said is painting these messages with far to broad of a brush (which is why is hard to communicate with conservatives) and victimizing him/herself in some weird convoluted way (ditto). But it's what goes on 24/7 on rightwing radio and tv. You have to be carefully taught.

me said...

I'm pretty sure they are saying they are angry, not "frothingly angry".

Angry is a normal emotion and reaction, "frothingly angry" is a crazed psycho.

Anonymous said...

@ Me

So you admit you were wrong to question that they were angry.

And yes, some of them are "frothingly" angry, or extremely angry, or so angry that it blinds them to reality and drowns out any good sense or rationality that they once had. When people start militias and plan to kill cops, that's anger. Especially when, as this article describes, the thing they were upset about turns out to be blatantly false and easily debunked.

me said...

To even attempt to connect people in the militia that was arrested last week to the "right" shows how bad your bias is. You are trying to define a legitimate political movement by the most extreme people possible.

So when the right demonizes the left by saying they are connected to communist, eco-terrorist, and other extremist, that is bad, but when you demonize the right by connecting it to similar outliers that is good.

Anonymous said...

@ Me

No, that wouldn't be disingenuous, because its obviously true. Some people on the left are also pedophiles. Just like some people on the right are frothingly mad, something which you denied. Some obviously are frothingly mad.

I understand its tough for you since us big bad liberals are so mean. How dare we point out that some conservatives are racist, angry and violent, when they clearly are are advertise themselves as such to the world. Gosh we're so mean and unfair.

Anonymous said...

@ Me

You throw quite the hissy fit, its incredible.

I'm guessing that in your mind, criticizing the Pope and certain senior members of the Catholic Church for the recent (or rather, ongoing) pedophilia scandal is the exact same thing as saying ZOMG ALL CATHOLICS RAPE LITTLE BOYS!!!!!

I guess we can add subtlety and nuance to the list of things you can't seem to process.

me said...

The comedy keeps on coming.
please keep replying, its quite enjoyable.

Your logic keeps going in circles, you're going to get dizzy soon.

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