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CharlieE said...

Snopes put this one to rest quite some time ago:


Not a bad fake, though.

D. Sidhe said...

So what? Even if it was real, would any foreign government be able to topple our elected leader by claiming, even absent evidence, that he was born there? Because a lot of foreign governments didn't like Bush. Would have been real easy to put up a sign saying it was his birthplace, which is apparently all some idiots need to yelp about a constitutional crisis.

CharlieE said...

True, but no one really cares where Bush was born. He could have been born on Mars and the Republicans/teabaggers wouldn't care.

But Obama is "different" and that makes this issue vitally important to them.

Snarla said...

Cool! I covered this on my blog a few weeks ago: http://snarla.wordpress.com/2010/04/04/pathetic-obvious-photoshop-by-desperate-birthers/

ferschitz said...

Oh well, that settles it for once and for all. BHO was definitely born in Kenya. I believed the Hawaiian birth certificate, plus newspaper announcements of his birth, but cleary THOSE were fakes, and THIS is the "real deal."

Sheesh... dumb de dumb dumb

Hooray4US said...

I would laugh at this poorly done photoshop, if sent to me by friends who were sending up the birfers. However, I realize that this is probably seen by many as some kind of factual proof. Hence, not funny.

gruaud said...

Correct me if I am wrong, stupid birthers, but isn't
Kenya >85% Christian? So why is the sign in arabic?

Do you question ANYTHING that's outside of your wingnut nuttiness?

You people would be hilarious if you weren't trying
to destroy the entire world.

Nioclás said...

Swahili used to be written in the Arabic script, though nowadays the Latin alphabet is used.

I doubt the teabaggers know much at all about linguistics (they think everybody should just speak English, after all), so it's probably left in to tie into their "Secret Muslim" bullshit, not for verisimilitude.

Anonymous said...

A weak attempt at best. Anybody with a small, workign knowledge of photoshop could make this. If I zoom in, I can see the jpeg artifacts, meaning it was doctored. And the Arabic? complete jibberish. This entire pic is a mess.

(and yes, I minored in Graphic Design, and Arabic was my foreign language of choice in college, so I do know what I'm talking about)

Anonymous said...

@ gruaud...
Christian-Protestant 45% (This includes the Anglican Church of Kenya)
Roman Catholic 33%
Islam 10%
Indigenous Religions 10%
Other 2%
Source: CIA factbook

about half of what you thought.
So much faith in your facts or did you get that from snopesdopes too?

gruaud said...

Well thanks, anon! You seem a little confused
about the Christian religions, though.

45 + 33 = 78% Christian...so pretty much
right on the money.

Or are you thinking that only Protestants
are Christian?

ferschitz said...

Thanks, Gruaud, for clearing up the vast great MYSTERY of what religion the Roman Catholics actually are! Of course, given their pedophile ways, I guess if I was an authoritarian christianist fundie, I might want to distance myself from the RC church, too (no offense to RC people of faith).

LOL... rightie troll really thought he/she "had" you with their vast great CIA knowledge. But, hey, kudos to the troll for actually going out and doing some homework on that one. Too bad that they still got their facts wrong.

Yet another "tell" about some rightwingers. If the facts don't fit your preconceived notions, why just make up a sentence to say whatever it is you want, as in: gee, only 45% of Kenyans are "christians."


And anyway, why "defend" this idiotic photoshop? It's dumb.

Thx 4 Fish said...

Oh I say cut the Anon / homeschool kid some slack about Roman Catholics being Christian--not every 12 yo would know that.

Anonymous said...

@ Bebe

To be fair to the anonomoron (something which I really shouldn't be doing), there are a lot of "Christians" who would take exception to you lumping them in with the evil papists. Now that I think about it, its a lot like the teabaggers and "real americans". There are lots of technical "americans", but only a select few are "real". Same idea.

On the other hand, that still doesn't answer why the sign would be in Arabic. Since even if Catholics don't count there are only 10% Muslim, and I doubt Arabic would be their language of choice.

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