Fw: opulence at its best

However outrageous, I am not surprised. This is decadent opulence at its best. With the on-going recession, joblessness, and foreclosures, it is also hypocrisy and shamelessness at its best. The guy's ego is simply colossal and apparently unchecked.


Talk about waste ---

If you're not sure what "big government" implies, take a look at this .

But you have already read about this in your local newspaper ... oh no, you didn't? OK then, you saw it on CNN... no?... oh well.


Anonymous said...

So? The Secret Service has its job to do, and no one, not even the President, gets to tell them otherwise.

bendk said...

Why would the first black president have to worry?

*shows up to meeting with a gun*

Just exercising my rights.

ferschitz said...

Another example of lazy conservatives recycling old news? Hear-yee, hear-yee: the London G20 summit was held in April 2009, and yes, as a matter of fact, I did see info of this nature discussed on various news stations, including CNN, which is not "keeping it quiet" or whatever nonsense wingtards wish to victimize themselves about today.

I couldn't find any reliable info about the alleged 500 staffers, including private chefs and multiple doctors. Unclear how true that is, but I can believe that at least 200 secret service came over bc that summit did have lots of protests, including one person getting killed. So it was dangerous in some respects.

Furthermore, there was a lot of "to do" about BHO taking the "Beast" over with him - that's his super armored limo. Could be argued that was overkill; not sure that I agreed with that at the time. But could we at least discuss this rationally and WHEN it actually happens. What am I supposed to do about this NOW??

Meh... whining contards don't have anything better to do than cry a river about something that happened last year.

gruaud said...

...and Bush the Lesser routinely
had an entourage of over 700.

Where was your fake outrage then?

Anonymous said...

gruaud answered my un-asked question: "So how many people did BUSH travel with?"
And posed the same sort question I would ask - "And you never brought that "outrage" up because...?"

Hooray4US said...

Because conservatives have double standards which can be conveniently abbreviated to: IOKYAR (It's ok if you're a Republican).

You will note that this applies to sexual scandals, fiscal irresponsibility, shredding the constitution, etc. It's all OK if you're a Republican. Hey: comment all you like about Dems - they deserve it, but then don't go giving Republics a huge pass for the same behaviors. That's what's so irritating and frustrating.

Anoner said...

I noted in the April 11 2010 "Parade" magazine (usually comes with the Sunday paper) that someone sent in a RWF that we've seen here - asking indignantly about how Michello Obama, as first lady, has a staff of 24 "unfairly" costing $1.5 mill, and after all sainted Laura Bush only had one staffer and cost the taxpayer much less.


I cannot find the letters section online, so you'll have to trust me that it's true (or look in the paper, yourself).

Answer: actually Laura Bush had 25 assistants and cost more than $1.5 mill per year.

I don't mind people asking questions, but the indignation and anger that somehow the Dems only are constantly running up giant bills, or having huge staffs, while the "frugal" Republicans don't is aggravating.

Plus most of this stuff is so darn easy to research, but it's clear that conservatives aren't interested in facts - just in being angry at Democrats. Waste of time.

Anonymous said...

@ Anoner

Good catch. Its sad but true that this stuff finds its way into the mainstream, and for the most part it goes unchallenged.

Anonymous said...

In this instance, however, the response to the letter sets the writer straight.


While the media doesn't normally challenge these myths, I think they did a pretty good job of debunking this one.

Anoner said...

Yes, Parade did a good job of setting the record straight, and it's nice bc a lot of people read that little publication.

That particular issue is worth checking out because it's "cover story" is about people's salaries and it highlights the giant disparity between the one percenters at the top and the rest of us schlubs. What it doesn't highlight is how Reganomic taxation has set up a system whereby the one percenters are hardly paying any taxes at all, but the rest of us continue paying at the same rates that we always have.

See link in my prior post to go read the articles about salaries.

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